Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Food Review: Segar Thai Muslim Restaurant

Segar Thai Muslim Restaurant

This place has been around for some time and it's located just opposite Bedok Bus Interchange. I often pass by it but never really thought much abot it till Shan recommended that we give it a shot. Usually, it is quite packed during lunch and dinner. So the food shouldn't be too bad, I thought to myself.

I waited for about 20mins before Shan arrived and I left home early to take a slow walk to the restaurant. Sadly, the warm weather didn't make it too enjoyable. As I stood there waiting, I checked out the menu pasted on their glass window. The selection is reasonable but I was slightly disappointed when they didn't serve Thai Noodles. Half of the food were local but they did have the essential few for Thai selection.

We decided upon the Set Menu for 2, priced at $23+++.

You can choose a main, a veg, a soup, 2 different desserts and drinks. Plain rice is also included and we ordered an extra Thai Fried Chicken. It was quite a lot for 2 and it could comfortably feed 3 adults. If we had stuck to the original set meal, it could have been just right for the 2 of us. Given that half of it is sour and spicy, even though the portion was more than we expected, the flavours were certainly appetising.

First up - Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish:

The texture of the sprouts were nice and crunchy. Quantity given were more than sufficient and the taste wasn't too bad. The fragrance was there and surprisingly the "salted fish" ain't that salty.

Second - Tom Yum Soup:

There's about 4 bowls of soup and although it tasted a tat too sour, the fragrance of lemon grass was lovely. It may not be the best Tom Yum Soup around but for the price, it wins hands down on ingredient generosity. You can choose between chicken or seafood. Of cos, I couldn't expect the seafood to be sweet and crunchy. Since they were all boiled with the spicy and tangy soup.

Third - Thai Fried Chicken
(extra, nt included in the meal)

Basically, it is Fried Chicken Cutlet with Thai Sweet Chilli. I was hoping that they will use the authentic thai chilli with the cucumber and onions but sadly, they used the muslim style instead. Nevertheless, the oat coated chicken tasted pretty good and it still went well with the chilli provided.

Forth - Thai Fried Grouper

The fish is quite fresh but it isn't crispy enough for my liking. The same sweet chilli sauce is used but with sliced onions, cucumbers and chilli. At least they did not send a miserably small sized Grouper but one that is more than sufficient for 2 persons.

Fifth - Drinks & Dessert

The Thai milk tea tasted and smelt lovely. Unfortunately, the dessert wasn't as good but it's not the worse around.

Overall, I will say that the price and quantity are value for money. It is more than I expected and I will give it 8 out of 10 star for the attentive service added in.

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