Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Frustrating Week

If anyone were to know the frustrations, patience and tolerance one has to have while living with elderly folks, that should be me.

Recently, I've been having restless nights and my sensitivity to noises (lately)left me waking up constantly. If noises to you means, the honking of cars or the insane sounds of drunken men - No, I wasn't referring to that. It's more like the excessive sleep talking, countless times an elderly can wake up in a night and not to mention the extreme mood swings. The frequency of all these happening has been increasing everyday and I wonder how much more I can tolerate. In addition, the temperamental behaviours and stubbornness an elderly can portray are beyond imagination.

Just like now when I've have to rush out for an appointment and everyone is busy at work, elderly folks will choose to make life even more difficult by refusing to eat what you cook. Why? Coz there isn't anyone around to eat with them, not even for a night?! Not considering the fact that I'm spending time preparing food to make sure dinner doesn't consist of outside food aka MSG and the possibility of tripping (again) or losing their way.

Seems like as one age, they will turn somewhat stubborn till something has to happen but it won't take long for them to forget. *sigh~ I desperately need to take time off.

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