Monday, March 05, 2007

I Need A Miracle

As I woke up this morning, doing my usual beauty regime (vainpot) and breakfast.. yada yada - I realise my gastric didn't feel as bad and I suppose it should be getting better as long as I keep up with this strict diet.

The only thing I can't understand is why I'm getting a cough the past 2 days and it can be quite torturous when the cough fits start kicking in. I managed to find my cough syrup and gulped down one tablespoon of it. Miraculously it helped but the effect started not long ago. My head feel so light and sleepy. I believe it says, do not operate machinery, drowsy effect. *sigh~* I would rather be able to talk to my student then to start coughing halfway through my lesson like a mad woman. Unfortunately, today is an evening lesson and I hate those timing when it's nowhere here nor there. Well, it's my job so just have to stop grumbling. As long as I'm well, that's all that matters. Till now I still cannot understand why I can get a cough when I didn't eat spicy or heaty food for so long since I've been sick. Being sick for so long has really pulled down my morale but I told myself that everyone gets sick once in a while so just rest while I can. ^^ *smile smile*

Joe called me in the afternoon and it kind of perked me up. Hopefully he'll be back by this weekend then we can sleep all day long. ^(OO)^ *pigs* I always sleep so well when he's around. Speaking of sleep, it reminded me of the past 2 nights. I've been having very weird dreams and they ain't good to begin with but not the horrible as well. I will always be awaken by my racing heart beat and one of the nights I was so angry in my dream that I actually punched one of my soft toys off the bed. *poor thing* It's so disruptive and I don't think I rested well for those 2 days. I'm still trying to go back to the healthy lifestyle of sleeping early and waking up with sufficient sleep. It does work and it is usually just 7am when I first open my eyes. If anyone were to know, the morning air outside is at it's best and taking a deep breath of it really perks a person up. I do it all the time when I was still schooling and 6am was a norm. ;p

Another hour before I need to leave for the next lesson and I'm still wondering whether to make an appointment for IPL tomorrow. There are another 2 more sessions left and I'm usually quite punctual on my schedules till I got sick that is. *roll eyes* Maybe I will make an appointment tomorrow if I'm feeling okay after class. *cross my fingers* Sometimes I wonder if I'm a person that is built for stress cos obviously, I'm not. I love to keep myself smiling and happy while others feel that stress is a norm but it will slowly age us further. I suppose that is where my answer to sleepless nights come from - unnecessary stress.

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