Friday, March 02, 2007

I'll Get Better

I'm touched with all the concern my friends have showered me with over the last couple of days. Thanks for the calls and messages. I'm getting better (hopefully) although not fully recovered yet but I'm looking forward to class tomorrow. ^^

Currently, I'm still trying to get my gastric and migraines cured. So, who else should I trust but Chinese Medicine. They are the best so far! After taking all the pills for Diarrhea, none work except for Bo Chai Pills. The gastric medicine I took were pretty much useless except for Actal but I still trusted chinese herbs to keep my tummy warm. Not to mention, if I had went to a western doctor, they would have just thrown me some pain killers and only to be told that migraines have no cure.

After a long walk to the clinic today, I somewhat felt better. Maybe it's the inactivity for the past few days that I spent pigging in my bed but the cooling, wet weather was too good to be missed. *wink* I spent $50 on a week's supply of chinese medicine and a horrible storm came along even before I can step a foot out. As I walked along the sheltered pavement, the rain was beating heavily and the strong winds made it even worse. My whole body was wet in just a short distance to the underpass and I felt myself being pushed along by the strong winds. If the winds were any stronger, I think I would have to hang onto the poles for dear life. *LOL!*

Anyway, I managed to get home in 1 piece and gulped down one pack of the chinese herbs. After that , I sat down to watch the new Goong S - a part 2 to the first series of Goong (korean drama). Soon I realised how boring it was and started ransacking for my O.P.I colors for some self vanity.

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