Friday, March 16, 2007

Loyalty Doesn't Pay

I always frequent the same stall whenever I buy my lunch. Not just for the cheap and good food but a friendly service as well. Unfortunately, the auntie at the Cai Peng stall decided to let me know that loyalty is not part of her business theory.

As usual, I order a pack of rice (less rice to begin with) and she actually took out like half the amount. Usually they will just reduce like 1/4 of it but she managed to fill only half the box with rice. I thought it was ok and proceeded to order a veg and a meat, which usually cost $2 in total. When she scooped the veg and stopped at where it was, I wondered if she was keeping food for ration. I could have easily finished that amount in like 2 mouths and may 1 for guys. I thought to myself if she's trying to kid me or something. Nevermind, maybe she will add more later on but after she scooped the meat in and neither was that much too, she stopped. I looked at it and told her if she can give more veg. I'm not a stingy person but the quantity was way too little for a human being. Not to mentioned I had so little rice and she even went ahead to charge me for the extra veg that she should have been giving me in the first place. I vowed never to come back to her.

So I decided I'll be better off going to my favourite Nasi Padang stall. Where the uncle is not only friendly but he remembers that I love belachan with my rice. So thoughtful of him *tear*...
I know it looks kind of messy but that's the fun part of having Nasi Padang. *slurp*

That's about all for my rantings of today. Later I'm going to try out a new recipe, Raspberry, Chocolate Scone. ^^

This is the new printer my brother got from buying a phone. It's one of the latest model of ink jets and we tried printing photos with it. Quite decent I must say. ^^ I use it to print my recipes. ;p

:: Sneak Preview Of My Upcoming Pastries ::

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