Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Queen Is Back

Roll out the red carpets, prepare the confetti and usher in the QUEEN of shopping.

*lol!* Okay, I'm just exaggerating a tiny bit but I managed to meet up with my twin today to pass her order. It's been some time since I came out for a walk and my legs almost went jelly by the time I reached home. Hopefully I didn't exert myself too much. I should have worn more comfortable shoes today but we all love to be pretty and that comes with some sacrifices. *sobs!*

I had my classes in the morning and went to my favourite hotdog joint for a nice quiet meal. After which I hoped onto the train and went for my next appointment for some much needed beauty treatment. *AhhAhhhh...* My twin was starving by the time I was done and so we went down to Din Tai Fung where she had quite a hearty meal while I gulped down my second pack of Chinese Powder (warm water courtesy of the restaurant). Later we went to meet her sister so that we could return her rented car but unfortunately it got scratched while she was exiting the car park. The best part was that it was so brief that we didn't even felt it at ALL! (I'm not kidding!) It was serious and it looked like the paint could be polished off but there was quite a slight gap at the bumper. Anyway, they gave a penalty and we just promptly left for Bugis.

It's been so long since I smelt the air filled with fashion and cheap bargains. I managed to find the purse I was eying the last time but I didn't buy it because the price wasn't quite right. My favourite underpants store, buttoms up was my next stop where I grabbed some new ones to replace the old. Very cute ones in fact... heehee! Luckily, I brought the loyalty card out and got 2 stamps that entitled me to a free gift.

Later on, we went to meet Joanne to pass her some stuff and chit chat a little before we went over for a cosy and yummy dinner. *satisfied smile* Oh! Before that I managed to find the DVD I was looking for and it wasn't as expensive as I thought. I can never resist Japanese Drama. ^^

We hopped on to ICON and the place is getting more and more pathetic by the day. Quite a number of shops were closed down and the place was just empty. Although I must recommend this shop in the building that sells Brassiere from Japan. The materials used range from cotton, velvet, lace, ribbons, etc. The designs are awefully cute and pretty. It may look look kind of daring but one will definitely feel good wearing it. The shop owner also told me that there is a smaller size of 65 (usually 70) for selected designs. The fit is really not bad and the price is quite reasonable. She may even give a discount if you're interested and honestly if you pay that much for a Triumph, I suggest you get hers.

Alright-di! I need to go settle some duties and below are the loots for today. ^^

Ok, it's cute of them to come up with such an idea of pearl milk tea made into ice cream but to be honest it sucks big time. The milk tea is too sweet and the after taste is just unpleasant. Pearls look more like dry raisins and it's (believe it or not) crunchy! I thought I was eating rice pops instead. At $3.50, it's definitely not worth it... You wan to taste good japanese milk tea ice cream, try Azabo at Marina Sq!

Next I like to recommend the sale over at the Mickey Industries Shop and it includes their Pink Panther / Sesame Street Stores as well. Sale starts at 50%, up to 70& and they are clearing their seasonal items. I always seem to be quite lucky with their sale and never fail to get stuff with at least 50% from them. Mind you that they don't bring out old and yucky stocks. They are cute and good quality apparels.

I bought 2 tops from Mickey Industry and one of it is a polo for Joe. When I came across their Sesame Street Shop, I got another cute top that I just can't resist. They were between 50-60% off. SO you tell me lah! How to resist?!

Although I don't really like the dull blue on the t-shirt but the gradual change of colors was quite attractive and the material was very cooling. I think I paid like $13.20 for that. *wink!* Pink always brighten up the face and if there was black, I would have gotten it. Since Joe is more into black now but pink is fine with him too. The design behind (i feel) is the main attraction of the polo. It reminded me of Ed Hardy. As for the other black t-shirt on the right, I got that at their Sesame St branch and the whole thing has sequins on it. Quite cute and small size for white is sold out so I got the black instead.

Other stuff that I got included the Japanese DVD, a floral purse (can be sling) and cutsy underpants. ^^ Boy, I love shopping. It feels better than the tons of medicine I had to take.

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