Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Should I or Should I Not?

It close to midnight and I'm still prying my eyes open staring away at my laptop.

Now I'm feeling tired but hungry for some supper. Should I or should I not?! I really hate going to bed with a hungry stomach and usually I will start flipping around the bed thinking of food (instead). *Grrr!!*

My grandma is still "roaming" around the kitchen. Hence, I shall sit and wait till she goes to bed before ransacking the cabinets like the lizards in my house. Hmm... tomorrow is Wednesday, 2 more days till weekend. *Wuu Huuu!* Even though I need to teach on weekends but I still feel pretty glad about it. ^^ That is what happens when one loves their job. They can never get enough of it. *hehehe*

I can't take it anymore... I need my supper!!!!

As I cooked my noodle, I happened to glance out the window and got a shock of the haze outside. It was then I remembered that there were news about some haze (somewhere) but I wasn't listening to it just now. The air definitely smells smoky and stuffy.

I did not do any editing to the photo I took from the window and the haze can be seen so clearly.

Normally I can see the skyline of shenton way from my window but tonight is just a piece of black sky. The clinics are going to be crowded if this carries on.

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