Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Voice .. What Voice?

As I sip on my piping hot breakfast oats, I irresistibly turned my laptop on to check for any new emails.

Last night I just bid on Ebay for a new silicon laptop cover to replace this crappy one that Apple gave for free when I bought this laptop some months ago. Although it does help in reducing dirt on this white beauty but I still can't make out why the inside gets dirty in just 2 days. Not to mention the plastic shields I got to cover my entire laptop has turn awfully yellow at the wrist area. All thanks to the sweat that secretes from our palms. *argh~* Luckily, the plastic is as tough as hell and I never regretted getting that. ^^ I just need to peel it off and it will still look brand new. Unfortunately one side will no longer have any form of protection and it does worry me. Maybe I'll get extra wrist protectors later on as my new silicon keyboard protector extends beyond and covers the wrist area as well. Cool!

These days I feel so moody and being sick just makes it worse. The only joy I get is from my student coming up with jokes and the sprees I organised over the weekend. I had to make sure my doorbell was working when the postman arrived. It just so happened that the postman made a delivery during lunch hour and I never thought that was going to happen so I went out to grab some food back. As I went up the lift, he came down and there it was, the piece of delivery notice that I dread to see. Luckily, my mum was around to receive the other parcel that came the following day. *phew~* Otherwise I'm not sure how many times I need to visit the post office in a week.

Anyway, yesterday was a torture... I dragged myself to class despite the 'failing' throat and it turned really soar by mid afternoon. *sobs~* I prayed that it would get better today but seems like that's not the case. Most likely I'll hop on down to Cold Storage and get some Manuka Honey. I remembered the last time I had a bad throat, that "miracle" goodness cured it in one go. It's amazing but true!

:: just a random photo I took at the garden ::

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