Friday, April 06, 2007

(Boring) Good Friday

I think the weather has just turned insanely hot! It's 33 degrees as read from my weather forecast on my dashboard and I would be nuts to get myself out there in this afternoon sun.

While reading the newspapers this morning, I happen to see an ad on VideoEzy having a cheap sale on their brand new DVDs. I thought of dropping by to grab some old movies that I can keep and watch but the weather just made me really tired after lunch. All I can think of is my bed or a nice cool shower. I'm just too sleepy to crawl out of the door. I think I'm only going to leave the house for class tonight. Otherwise I might as well rent videos online and still get to watch them from the comfort of my home. ^^

In addition, I may just have strike off an item (long) on my wish list. May I present to you, the ultimate treasure of Birkenstock Sandals. The one I longed for and ogled at when I saw it on a lady once in my life. Now I'm just waiting for her to travel the thousand miles from the land of German Sausages back to the one spot left in my tiny room, for one more shoe box.

The gorgeous gold leather and sparkling crystal gems are T.D.F (to die for)! She's now the Queen of my sandal collection. *muacks!* (and) I can say byebye to my LV thoughts. -.- Maybe I should go for a nap and continue dreaming about that. (zzz)

Updates on Yesterday:

We were late for movies last night. Luckily advertisements helped to hold it back for a good half an hour.

Mr. Bean will be a classic comedy and I must admit I did feel kind of stupid to be watching it. The ridiculously silly yet touching kindness in him just makes it more worth it to watch. In the beginning, I thought the silly things he did are not really as funny as I thought but the actions got sillier as the movie went on. Maybe I was expecting something more hilarious than that. Hence the lack of laughter on my part. Still, somewhere in the midst of the movie, he managed to let out a chuckle from me and that's where I started appreciating the silly acts and unbelievable versatile facial expressions he could do.

The ending I must say turn out very different and his honest thoughts for his friend eventually showed in the end. *ooohhhh*

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