Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cookie Fever

My hands are still aching from the baking I just did. Tired, tired, tired. Not to mention, my mum made me carry a 10kg rice home as well. *faint*

I think it's time I get a bowl and some extra trays for baking. Otherwise I will need to run in and out of the kitchen each time my oven goes "Ding!".
** too much for a small bowl **

The number of times I have to switch the cookies and the amount of electricity wasted if I had an extra large tray. Then, there is the mixing bowl that seem so small for the quantity made and everything has to fly all over the play because of that. I wonder why they don't come up with (more) bigger size bowls. After some 2 hours, I finished my cookies and my first guinea pig will be Shan. *evil laugh* That's for staying near me and I wonder if it's a good or bad thing. *LOL!*

** Lovely wrapped cookies **

Hopefully I can catch this movie soon. It's not launched yet but I'm hoping to catch the preview. The trailer seem hilarious and it will be good to add some comedy into our stressful life. Well, not that I'm complaining. ;p

Mid of the year is almost here and I'm in the mood for a holiday. I happen to come across this jacket and I just love it so much.
Makes me want to go for a break SOON! I was eying another down jacket but I think the weather now is pretty cooling or otherwise warm in some areas. So, why would I need such a jacket but it really does look good in winter. *ggrrrrr...* The only winter clothing I have is a wool coat that somehow seem a bit big on me and I want something that looked like that. Should I get and keep it till I need it??!! *headache*

Just a week ago, I came across a phone online that Samsung's launching soon. It's slim with a good camera, big screen, smooth navigation buttons and nice colors. Puurfect in my opinion! I'm going to keep an eye out on this when it launch. Time to save up some needed money. The one in the picture is silver/white and I have yet to be able to find the Choc/Gold version. I'll LOVE to have that if it's nice. Yeah! I love all things BlinG! ^^

** I need to get my hands on this!! Next on my wishlist **

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