Monday, April 02, 2007

End of Fashion Week, Beginning of Sick Week

Fashion I least expected from the designers I least knew. Bollywood is so hot right now that even their fashion show proved me wrong. I was expecting Sari and more Sari but someone should really give them more publicity with the kind of designs they had.

Well, except for one thing that most probably pissed everyone off. Shan and I took a cab as we thought we were going to be late but end up, we were left waiting outside the tent in a never ending queue of fashion goers for a good 45mins. That's starting from 2pm, which the show should had started. After being 'shot' by cameras 3 times and seeing editors interview fashion goers, we finally got into the tent (Hallelujah!). Oh! While entering, I met Lily Cole who I usually go Gaga over her snow white skin and cutesy lips. Ok! I'm not a lesbian but I just love her features. Although she did look thinner than I expected but those who walked the runway made me a size OO felt like a 6.

I started snapping away with my phone even before the show started and the blue lights were kind of getting on our nerves.

Fashion week by MasterCard and I see champagne up there in the balcony.

The show starting soon with the sponsors flashed on the wall and the all so familar MasterCard Ad.

The show started with a label call SmallShop. I love how they projected the images on both side of the walls, making it clear for anyone who can't see the model from behind. Their collection was quite colourful with the spring/summer season kicking in. Unexpected but lovely!





I've been on the chinese herbs for quite a few days and even though I'm still not in the pink of health but at least I don't feel worse than before. With the weather turning warmer by the day, I have to really watch what I eat and rest as much as possible. Friday's going to be yet another trip down to the doctor and more herbs to come.

** Loots **
USPS dropped by in my mailbox today and it's the La Mer Sample I ordered. I heard all the raves about it and my moisturiser isn't working fine for me. So why not get a sample and see if it works. I predict it should be able to last me for a month and just sufficient time to review on it's effectiveness.
The seller threw in a perfume sample too. How kind of her or him. ;p Alright, I'm feeling really drained right now. Time for some rest.

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