Sunday, April 22, 2007

Food .. Glorious Food

This week I have 2 food reviews for the following places,

1) Werner's Oven (German Cuisine)

This place serves authentic German cuisines that may initially seem little but it really is quite a hearty meal. Joe had Lamb Shank while I preferred the meaty sausage. *slurp* We arrive there close to 10 p.m but the kind waitress allowed us in despite the closing time. Asking if we were very hungry, I nodded almost instantly and she invited us in with a warm smile. She told us that the kitchen usually close at 9.45 but since it's still preparing food, we were welcomed to make some orders. I would give them all ten thumbs up for their hospitality and accommodating gestures. Even when they were closed, the kind lady still managed to get a loaf of bread for their takeout. *so sweet!* The waiting time isn't that long and the food came promptly. Maybe because most people were done with their dinners and sitting around enjoying their beers. *oh!* It's also a nice place if you want some German Beer.


The first thing I thought of my sausage was how huge it was! The plate was quite big and it managed to fill up the length of it. The skin was crunchy, the inside was tender and oh so juicy and the herbs just make it so so so good. It's one of the best sausages around. Even Joe felt that it was better than the ones he had in Germany. *Thumbs & Toes Up!*

Joe's lamb shank is nice and tender, and the gravy compliment it pretty well. The potato salad on mind was yummy and I almost mistaken the crunchy bits in it as onions but actually they're diced apples. It just added to the sweetness of it. I didn't like the preserved veg on it's own but it does go well with the food when you mix it together.

We happen to see the lady carry a whole basket of pretels and it looked so tempting. Besides, their logo outside is a pretsel. So I thought to myself that they could well be famous of it. We ordered one to try and it looked so different from Auntie Anne. The color was brow and the texture on top felt hard but it could easily be broken apart. They sprinkled a bit of salt on top and do be caution of it.

Highly recommended and they have their own parking lots but there isn't a lot of them. Alternatively you can still park at the open air carpark a few meters away. Price wise maybe a little bit on the high side but worth a try once in a while.

2) Swiss Beckerie

What can one do on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Have tea and cakes, of cos!! This lovely little bakery is along Frankel Avenue and with that little tables, you may need to be a little lucky in order for you to get a table and settle down. The crowd started coming in at around 2 - 3pm. The variety of break just amazed me and the warm, friendly staff was a plus point.

I decided to try Macao. A rich chocolate moose cake wrapped with chocolate of cos! ^^ It literally smells in the mouth and everything about it feels so good. *ahhhhh~* The other was a rice cake that was quite well done but not a favourite of mine.

Looking at the freshly baked loaves behind me, I bought a mushroom onion loaf back to try. It smells really good and I can't wait to have it for breakfast tomorrow. ^^

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