Friday, April 20, 2007

Ground Shaking News

I notice the number of "big" news happening lately. Like the shooting in the University campus (need I tell you more?!), the approach for global warming whereby I believe many may complain about the lack of plastic bags or having to pay 10 cents for it and even you want to know more, Ikea is totally not giving ANY bags from 22nd april onwards.

I believe more people will curse and swear one that. Since their items are not small in size and not everyone has a bag that big to accommodate all that stuff. Fear not! Ikea is selling reusable bags, so go get them. I think this is a good approach and with the insane weather, how can one still complain when we have all experienced the effects of global warming for the past few months. We didn't get sent to school for no reason. As educated beings, we should also learn to treasure the natural resources around us and these are things that money cannot replenish with. Once they're gone, they're gone! We don't want our kids to be living back in stone age once again, do we?! At the same time, it also helps to develop some form of responsibility and considerate behavior. The other day when I was watching TV, I heard aunties and uncles complaining that they don't have money to get those reusable bags from NTUC. I suggest they buy lesser 4D in aid of that. It's nuts that one can come up with such excuses.

This kind of behviour reminded me of an incident at Giant. Sometimes I wonder how one can ignore the sign "Express Lane" and continue standing there with more than 10 items on hand or even a whole trolley of it. Luckily there were staff around to remind these people, and even so, I heard this guy wanting to argue back saying what can he do if he were to switch to the baskets (offered by the staff cos express lanes prohibits trolleys) with that trolley load of stuff. Com'on! The sign huge enough for everyone to see and was becoming a topic for the people behind definitely went to his ears by then. Yet, he choose to think that he's the kind and he should still stand in line when the staff could have gone with the rule and ask him to leave the queue. Luckily his wife was aware of the mistake and quickly just transferred the items. I can't help but feel amused when the staff told him to do it or else everyone else that comes along will want to shove their trolleys into this queue. It's like a polite way to tell a person, "Take it or leave it".


Ok! Let's move on to something else.

My online sprees are progressing and 2 of my tops are now somewhere in transit of HK customs while some beauty products I got from a friend is most likely in customs or on the plane. Somehow the tracking number tends to take some time to show.

I also got another surprise item online but I'm not revealing it yet! ^^ So excited!! Hope Joe don't screw me for that. ;p We all have our 'hobbies' right?! *sa jiao* The offer was too good to miss and it was the size I'm looking for to put another important thing in my life. *not saying*

I'm expecting quite some stuff to arrive next week but I'm wondering where's my Abercrombie jacket. *ponder* Hopefully it'll come soon. Say today or beginning of next week.

Oh my! There is still one more spree that is done by someone else, so I can't really rush that and a bag I order from BIGI is taking forever. I hate to wait when sellers don't reply to emails. It just puts me off from buying it. Now somewhere in me is silently hoping she'll screw up orders and I don't have to get it. *heeheehee* Okay! I've shopped enough for this month and I'm imposing a ban till June. ;p

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