Friday, April 27, 2007

Long Weekend Ahead

It's Friday once again and the weeks seem to past as fast as the wind.

The sky is turning a little gloomy now and thunders can be heard rumbling at a distance. Just the other day, I thought I heard the weirdest thunder in my life ever. I was walking pass the window when I saw a lightening flash. It seem so close but yet it took quite a while before the thunder came, and when it did, one after the other - it seem like an endless echo. Strange but it happened twice and I thought how scary it would be if one day our world became like the movies portrayed.

When I checked my email this morning, I cannot believe what I saw. A taiwan seller decided to reply my email 2 weeks later only to tell me my words cannot be seen and my order has been received. The order was sent a month ago and by the time it reached 2 weeks, I had already given up wanting it. Even though she has mentioned that there is ready stock now, I still found that it was inappropriate for them to take such a long time and did not even bother to reply emails to reconfirm orders. I have never bought anything from them and I believe it won't happen in the near future as well.

Joe's mum will be celebrating her bday soon and we have yet to decide on a venue for dinner. As for me, I have yet to think of a present for her and I'm narrowing it down to maybe accessories or (ponders) something else. Speaking of which, it's the last friday of the month and late night shopping is On! ^^ Sadly, I seldom buy stuff when I'm shopping outside but I've read of an accessory brand launched in Taka that looks really good. (so is the price...)

I read about this floating stage for NDP '07 and it sounds so exciting. How do people even come up with such ideas and possibly make it into reality. It's just amazing how technology brings about surprises. I wonder if I can get tix to the NDP this year. ^^ I still remember watching last year's NDP from the webcast shown on NDP website. Seated in my luxurious hotel, it feels like home even though I was i a foreign land. I'm going to cross my fingers on the balloting this year.

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