Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Melodious Ringing of Doorbells

I never thought how much I enjoyed hearing the doorbell ring, followed by the voice of our friendly neighborhood postman beckoning me to open the door. I'm starting to ponder how nuts I am to write this... ...

Anyway! I received another 2 boxes yesterday and I swear I was so pissed off when I saw the speedpost van left right smack in front of me. Luckily my grandma and mum was home to sign both my parcels and I had to keep myself occupied in order for me to forget that I even saw him. *Grrrr* Even at the wee hours of midnight, my tiresome eyes still blinked up with excitement when i saw that huge parcel lying on the table. *ooohhh!!!!* Slashes out my pen knife and I started ripping off the tape, which by then was irritating me from getting an inch closer.

This is the surprise purchase I made online. An Antigua MM for my laptop and of cos casual outings or for me to put in my stuff to class. I love the red and I think bags, accessories and shoes should all stand out. It just looks so pretty. ^^ I even got a lovely note from the lovely seller. Even though the top of the box was a little crush cos I think the postman must have put something heavy on it but my bag was still well protected.

I tried to fit my laptop in this morning. Purrfect! I'm so loving it (and all my other bags). Mummie Loves You all!! p.s. mad lady in the house, lol My cousin has a small version for this bag, so maybe I will find a day and take a picture together with mine. It'll look so adorable, like sisters. ;p So going to take this out tonight. *hehehe*

The other parcel that came, belonged to a friend of mine. I helped her get some stuff from Taiwan. It's the latest additions to @Nature beauty products. That brand's quite hot now in Taiwan.

Label: Xmas came early to make me feel so gleeful.

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