Monday, April 23, 2007

Announcing The Arrival of HK Loots

Monday blues never felt as good as today when the postman decided to give me a surprise by arriving late with my HK loots. Ok! How can I get angry over that, right? *wink*

I was expecting them tomorrow but I guess being early just made me forgot that it's Monday. Blues away~ and there's red, cream and champagne gold. Pardon moi, you said? It's the color of my loots. ^^

The jacket came in hell of a big envelope and the measurement at first glance was slightly bigger than my fitting. With the thickness and extra faux fur in it, it was just perfect for me! Given that I'm always so 'niao' aka picky and often I resigned to fate that out of a 100 only 1 would fit well, this was just puuurfect! It looked exactly as picture (u may see my previous posts) and I'm so so so loving it!

The cream colored shirt at the bottom left corner also seem to be of good fitting and I was expecting it to be slightly loose. Since that's how I want it to look. Now I just need the right belt to go with it. ^^ It came super crumpled up and it left me wondering if it's supposed to be like that or did the person there decided to store it away for the next winter.

Champagne gold has always been a favourite color for a lot of stuff, including tops. Not to mention, it's satin but unfortunately the seller didn't throw in a free inner top. Sadly, one may require BIG booties for that if she choose to go without a spag strap. Still I love it and I'm washing them later tonight for a "launch" of my new clothes soon. (aka. wear them of cos!)

Tearing the parcels always never fail to excite me and I'm expecting one or two more tomorrow. The postman is going to wonder why he's always ringing on the same doorbell for maybe the next 2 days. ;p Besides that, I have another important parcel coming in the day after and I've just checked that it'll be boarding the plane tonight. One does not pay Express shipping for no reason, even tracking is a breeze and every step taken can be seen. Unlike the registered articles now, they seem to have a rather slow system and updates will come only after you received your parcels. Well that's what happened to my two parcels today and I suppose I can forget about tracking the other one since it's going to be the same. *faint*

Mood for the day: cheerful and hungry (at the same time)

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