Saturday, April 14, 2007

More Updates To Come

I've been snapping pictures for the last 2 days but I've been out of the house early and returning just as early, except it's early past 12 a.m. Haven't had time to blog and since I'm not on my laptop now, I can't bluetooth my pictures over too.
These few days have been so fruitful that I never thought that retail therapy spells, 'Guilt'. No! It should be called fruits of labour. After working so hard, it's time to reward ourselves with something good. ^^ Joe and I went shopping for some electronics over a couple of days and as I'm typing, he's fiddling around with his so call new toys. ;p
As for me, the name shopping Queen should resurface and be lit upon with glory. (what the hack am I talking about?!) Anyway, I've made a couple of orders online - an order from HK is in the midst of processing and hopefully the seller can speed up a little, some beauty products for my friend, a bag and 2 tops from Taiwan, awaiting another 2 preorders from Taiwan (as well) and for the meantime, that's what I can remember. The number of emails I have to process everyday is tiring, especially when dealing with chinese characters (weak point here) and the mismatch of encodings that literally distort all my emails. *Grrr* Unfortunately, there are 2 new sellers I'm dealing with right now and their speed in processing orders really worries me. I sent payment for one of them 3 days ago and yet today when I asked, she had to ask for ID and all to check. Shouldn't they have know that there is payment coming in and following instructions in the email for processing of orders. *Sigh* I hate dealing with sellers who doesn't seem too organised. Hopefully, I'll be able to get every order done by next week so that I can have a peace of mind.
Time to go help Joe with his "toys"... the room is in a mess~ -.-

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