Sunday, April 08, 2007

Movie Marathon

What does one do on a tiny island every weekend? We come up with places to go and it somewhat seem endless explore new grounds. While sometimes we choose to watch as many movies as we possibly can. 3 to be exact and in a short weekend.

The other day I was watching Mr. Bean and 2 days in a roll, I went to catch The Number 23 and The Freedom Writers. The Number 23 was pretty much a psycho killer movie and I applaud the director for having such a psychotic mind. It left a trail of trauma and I wouldn't recommend watching it late at night if a peaceful mind of sleep was needed. It can get a little draggy but the suspense keeps me watching.

The Freedom Writers. It left me feeling inspired, touched and it opened my views to the pain and suffering that others had went through in their lives. I think it's a movie that all teachers and people with negative thoughts should watch. It's a show that lasted longer than expected but so touching at certain parts that I thought I felt a tear. In the midst of it all, I also thought I heard people sniffing their noses trying to hold back those emotions. It's a lovely movie and an unbelievable hidden treasure that we manage to catch with other great movies going on in the cinema. Highly recommended!

I got so bored while waiting for my night class to start. So I snapped a picture of what I wore but I decided to forgo the hat as the weather has been insanely HOT, even at night. I love this blue mickey tee and that blossom shorts. Not to mention that gold hat is the favourite among all of my hats. ^^ If there's another mickey sale, I'm definitely going! *heehee*

:: Zi Lian Picture ::

I went to get my test result yesterday and after that I decided to get some lunch from Soup Spoon. I've heard of all the raves about their soup and so I decided to give it a shot. I order a mushroom soup and added 3.70 to get a half chicken sandwich. *yum*

It really was superb and it's been so long since I had such yummy mushroom soup. Every spoon is filled with chunky mushroom and the soup container was kind of cute too. I gobbled everything up before I remembered that I wanted to take a picture. ;p It had a extra plastic cover on top of it and inside was a herb bun that tasted delicious with the soup. The chicken breast in the sandwich may have been a little tough but it tasted nice with the caesar salad sauce. The bread was my favourite and the extra salad they gave was a little spicy. I was surprised at the size of a half sandwich. It was bigger than expected. Just so worth it as compared to starbucks. I would go back again for more. All thumbs up! ;p

** yummy **

:: more updates from the land of German Sausage ::

Joe has taken pictures of my sandals to make me "gian". It's not working!!! Argghh!! The resolution of his camera phone isn't too good but I tried to make it clearer (already). The gold is so gorgeous and the crystals are just to die for! I noticed the box looked different too.

** I miss my pigs **

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