Sunday, April 15, 2007

Retail Therapy At It's Peak!

My computer is still uploading the pictures off my mobile and I'll have to spend a little time to edit them as I type this entry. I have yet to have so much fun in "retail therapy" since my HK trip. It's amazing how it helps in making a person feel rewarded and fulfilled. ;p

To start off, these are some of Joe's shopping and I forgot to add in the dvd player and subwoofer that I think can be my stool or laptop table. *oops =x * He's been busy planning and setting up his home audio system while I'm snapping pictures of all the stuff we've got so far.

:: Joe's Loots ::

** Joe's Hobby **

From car to home audio, it's onto the next step of his hobby. The phone doesn't seem to take pictures too well when it's under yellow light.

** Gifts From Berlin **

A Berlin Bear Bank and a piece of the famous Berlin wall. My pig seems to have found a new friend.

** Chocolates **

Chocolate from Germany. There are some interesting Ferrero Rocher, liqour chocolates and a big easter egg. ^^

** more chocolates **

Open sesame! More chocolates within and check out the liqour (neat) within the chocolate bottle.

:: My Loots ::

** finally!! **

After waiting for more than a week and maybe years, one thing striked off the wish list and another bling to be flaunted. *wink*

** new clothes & bag **

Every girl needs new clothes and bags once in a while or ... more ...


:: Picture Of The Week ::

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