Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant @ UOB Plaza

Sunday family dinner was held at this Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant with a fabulous view from the 60th floor. Even the 72 storey Equinox seem so small from far.

We ordered a set menu that consists of:

- Cold Dish
It was more spicy than cold but the marinated jelly fish and dried tofu were my favourite. There were non-spicy choices like salad prawns, chicken and long beans. To be honest, all of them were great. ;p Definitely not recommended for the weak stomach but no harm trying.

- Sharksfin
Each of us were served a pot and there was fresh bean sprouts to go with it. Taste wise was nice and I loved the idea of having bean sprouts to add some crunch to it.

- Fried Cod Fish
I don't know where to start on describing this dish but it's the favourite amongst all of them. The inside is still nice, smooth and tender while the outside has a lovely golden color that tasted just as good. Texture was crispy and taste was just irresistible. Although I must say that, this isn't the best cod fish dish I ever had but definitely one of the better ones around.

- Chilli Seafood with fried Mantou
The waitress wasn't too honest when we asked if it was spicy. She said that it looked spicy but in actual fact it's not. I will say, that's pretty much bullsh*t. It was hell spicy and it leaves your tongue all numb. Yummy, it was but she should have just warned us with subtle hints. The mantou was perfect and the seafood in it was fresh. I could still feel the smoothness of the fish and the crunch in the prawns. Fabulous if you're into spicy stuff. It looked similar to chilli crab. By now, I needed a glass of ice water to wash off the chilli in my stomach. *phew~*

- Roast Chicken
One of the non-spicy dishes but I'm not a fan of it cos there was nothing unusual about it. In fact, it tasted a bit too salty.

- Stirred Fried Vegetable
Nice, green and fresh, except it's quite plain in taste. I've tried better ones, this was acceptable.

- Fried Noodles
By then, I was quite full but I still stuffed it down. Yummy!

- Mango Pudding Dessert
When I saw it, I totally forgotten how full I was. It was so cute and the dried ice made it looked so dreamy. It just spelled, "COme to MAMA". Lovely texture and taste not too bad.

- Tea
I think that is what they are famous for and the servers are skilled in pouring hot water out of those long nose copper kettles. I didn't get to see their tricks but I was more concern of the water splashing onto me when they fling it off the cup. ;p We had Jasmine tea and it was fragrant without a hint of color in the tea.

That is all I can remember for now. The food there is generally quite spicy but it's good. We snapped some pictures of the view after dinner and it would be nice if we had a window seat. ^^

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