Thursday, April 05, 2007

Survived My First Gastroscopy

Have been waking up real early for the past few days for my never ending visits to the specialist. I can't imagine I pushed my classes into the night time as I will usually feel better and then drag myself off to class after dinner. It sounds and feels like torture when you're sick.

Anyway, today is the first time I'm going for a Gastroscopy and before that I was told of the horror about how you can feel the scope in the throat or I may experience pain if I don't get sedated. (the list goes on ... ...) I chose to do it at my specialist clinic and I think he will be gentle on me. ;p

After my midnight fasting, I went to the clinic at 9 and got myself ready on the bed for the scope. I managed to joke if the technician was going to do my test today and if he was - 'is he trained?'. Lame, I know but no harm relaxing before being gross out by it. The doctor sat down beside me and explained the procedure. Followed by the a few sprays up the nose and the throat to numb it. He warned me about the substance similar to wasabi when he first sprayed it and I had to inhaled it deeply into my oesophagus.

Scene: Clinic

Doctor sprays "wasabi" into the nose
Doc: "inhale"
Me: (does as told and chokes) "oh...!"
Doc: "ok?"
Me: "Yeah. Well, at least it's a nice smelling wasabi" (still holding onto nose for life)
Doc: "Ok. I'm going to spray it into your throat. So I need you to swallow it"
Me: "Ok." (swallows saliva...)
Doctor sprays throat.
Doc: "Swallow."
Me: (does as told) - went speechless
Doc: "Ok. One more time up the nose"
Me: (tearing by now..)

That so call "wasabi" really stung the second time and my tears just came out by themselves. After a minute, I could feel my mouth went numb and they spent the next 2 minutes fiddling with the machine before asking me to close my eyes when he insert the tube. It went through the nose first and I didn't really feel much till it reached the top of my throat and he told me to swallow. I tried but I swear it's human instinct to gag when you force something down the throat and so I gagged, 3 times to be exact as he pushed it down. I tried hard to control it but luckily I didn't threw up anything. Anyway, I didn't eat - so it didn't really matter. Even in the midst of gagging, I could still hear the doctor telling me to relax. Unfortunately my brain didn't sense that too well.

The first 5mins was quite uncomfortable and I'm still trying to get used to the tube that he's constantly shifting up and down my (by then) Nose, Oesophagus, Stomach and Small Bowels. I did not manage to catch all the action going on as my back was facing the machine. After a while, he started to pump some kind of white liquid in and that really got kind of uncomfortable as my stomach started bloating. He mentioned that he was pumping up my stomach for a closer look and he will let go of the air later on. It was quite uncomfy with the gas inside and all. I even thought it felt worse than having the tube in my nose.

While everyone was fascinating over my insides, I had nothing to do but relax and look out of the window. Although in between, the doctor tried to talk to me and said that I can talk back if I want but at that time he had just started to push the tube in. I was in such a vulnerable position. So how could I even felt comfortable talking. I did answer a few questions of his but I got tired with the tube stuck in my throat.

After a grueling 15mins, I finally got used to the tube and was lying there enjoying the view outside while he continued to slide the tube in and out (of me), as if I didn't feel a thing. My eyes got wider each time as he pumped in syringe after syringe of liquid. Oh! I forgot to mention that I was quite shocked at the size of the tube. In my mind, I thought it would be smaller but I guess it was still small enough to get through. The doctor even told me that I shouldn't believe those eek stories about scopes and they really have made them smaller now. Not small enough for me I suppose. *lol!*

Halfway through, he decided to do a biopsy and so he took out something that looked like a wire. He placed it in through the tube like as if it didn't matter. The night before I had already read up on the procedure and understood what a biopsy was all about. I then realised that he had removed some of the stomach lining with the wire and although it caused some bleeding but he mentioned that it would heal quickly. Luckily, I didn't feel a thing and I just lied there motionlessly. When he asked if I'm fine, I just replied him that I'm still alive. ;p Oh! (and) He mentioned that I was a very good patient *big smile*. He slowly moved the tube up the throat and did one last check before removing it. By then, I'm so relieve that it's all over till my blood test. The nurse had a bit of trouble getting blood out of me and it took some shifting of the needle before it started gushing out. I only realised that my arm was swollen after the test and it's still kind of numb right now.

Anyway, I'm resting for the day and itching for the movie, Mr. Bean. ^^ Maybe some source of laughter to ease the illness away.

:: more updates from Europe ::

Joe maybe going to Berlin over the weekend and he can drop by LV along the way.

That got me so excited and I went hunting for the next bag or wallet. *heehee*

Both looks stunning and I wonder which is nicer. I'm deciding between the denim mini pleaty or the red vernis koala wallet.
Tough, tough choice. *Arghh~~* I always wanted both of them and the wallet would go nice with all the bags but it's a rare chance to get a cheap LV bag too. Sadly, I can only choose one. That is if they have it in the store. ;p Hopefully, one of them isn't available then I don't have to make such a tough decision. Although I would lean more towards the wallet as I can always find a cheaper alternative for that LV bag.

The only puzzling question is, 'Why in a world is a wallet the same price as the bag?!' *sigh~*

More updates will come as my long weekend goes by~ Happy Good Friday ^^

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