Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Born To Shine

After waiting for months, the last of my clothes from HK are here. An unbelievable wait of 3 months, the longest I ever had for clothes alone. Sadly, 2 of the tops I got were a bit big but still wearable after a little minor alteration I made to it. ^^

I've just watched a Korean show, 200 pound beauty. Before that, I heard how touching it is that left all my gfs crying in the cinema but I must say, "Yes! It's touching but I managed to hold back those tears." I love the voice of the actress and I'm drumming my ear with her songs day after day. The show is comical and love truly does touches the heart. Prepare those tissues if you're an emotional person.

Today I received a pleasant surprise in my mail, a $350 Starhub voucher. Time for some new phones (Evil Grin) and I've been eyeing the new LG Shine Series. It just looks absolutely gorgeous and have I ever mention how much I love things that "bling". The mirror in front definitely comes in handy for girls and it's been quite a while since I last had a sliding phone. My last experience with LG was pleasant, besides the fact that I reset it and it went back to being factory locked by an Aussie network. Luckily I sold that one off. *phew* Somehow I appreciate the phones sold in Singapore. They're all factory unlocked and no matter how many you may reset it, you can just slot in any Sim card to use.

Starhub has not only given me a voucher for a new phone but with another additional line signed up, I am entitled to discounts for all the other lines as well. Amazing deal for me and I can share the lines with my relative too. Value for everyone. ^^
Although I can't deny the fact that having a new phone soon does excite me even more but (HEI!) they're giving me a NEC phone on top of it all. Why not?!

As of now, I shall drool over pictures on my computer... ...

Mood: Ecstatic

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