Monday, May 21, 2007

Feverish Day

(Starts humming ~) Early in the morning at 6 o' clock, I woke up with a burning sick fever. *sigh~ I have no idea why but after a bad dream last night, I woke up panting in shock. Then I started feeling really feverish.

I dreamt that I was with a group of people who I know (in my dream that is) and we were trying to protect something from some evil rich looking bast*rd. We were disturbed and chased everywhere we went and finally after going against them for so long, they sent in a man who came with a knuckle ring, walked into the room and started bashing the first row of people in front of me. Naturally I squatted at a corner to avoid him and the girl standing beside got hit. I listened to her pleas and his fist hitting against her. It all just felt so scary and I haven't had a bad dream for months. When I mean bad dreams, it is the kind that shakes you hard at your core and you wake up trying to catch your breathe. I still remember waking up with my eyes super big and my body was just in shocked from all that trauma. Took me about 5mins before I shook myself out of it.

Poor me, I'm now running a slight fever and I just popped 2 panadols. Hopefully I'll be well by the afternoon for me to drag myself to class. *sigh~ hate to be sick on a work day. Grrrrr... or I should just psycho myself (I'm not no no).

While I was outside yesterday, I took a picture of a water fountain along the way. Somehow I have a fond liking for water fountains. They just look so nice. ^^

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