Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Hot" Days Are Over

I managed to get through a night of hotness just to get well the next day. It's probably one of the worst fever I had in a year and most likely it was a minimum of 39 degrees. My whole body was burning and I had to wake up for rounds and rounds of fluid. Why? Because I decided to abandon Panadol and go for the water treatment instead. I didn't sleep the whole night but I was miraculously fine the next day. Except for a persistent pain in my abdominal that has failed to go off for the past 2 days. Strange and I'm lost for ideas to cure that. For now, I'm just hoping that time and a proper diet will help cure it.

The End with the sickness! Let's talk about something fun. Joe's coming back in a couple of hours and we're still crossing our fingers on the Taiwan trip next week. It's the holidays soon and a lot of the flights are starting to get full. I hope the arrangements can be done soon and I'll be on my way to paradise. ^^ Shop Eat Shop Eat... *Ooohhh Life's Little Enjoyments. Whoever has itineraries on Taiwan, please inform me.

I'm still patiently waiting for my phone's protective stickers but I'm surprised at how well I have managed to keep it in good condition. The back panel isn't that easy to scratch and the original sticker at the front is so tough. Unfortunately it isn't clear enough to be used as a screen protector. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it to get such an expensive protector for the phone but the thought of scratches on that immaculate mirror is just heart wrecking. *Drama~ I've also done a comparison on the camera with my nokia 7390 and somehow I will say that the more megapixel, the better. Even with that so call branded lens, it's still not close to the quality I'm getting out of my Nokia. Should they maintain a similar look but upgrade their future features, I'll say they have my vote on their phone. ^^

Okay.. it's time I get prepared as I'm going to help a friend try on a dress. I've only seen it on picture, so I'm not sure how it really should look like in real life. But with that fabulous price tag attached to it, I'm guessing it better be. ;p More updates later... ...

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