Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Need Some Tender Loving Care

An endless day of walking around, left my delicate feet all soar and tired. (well...just a little) I think I need a pedicure soon or my nails will start digging into each other. (drama again)

I spent the whole day going from one shop to the other, seeing diamonds expensive enough for a house down-payment and wedding bands that I adored so much. I'm not getting married (yet) but just hunting around for a "blur" lady. *lol~ It's still fun though and we met all sorts of SA, good or bad. Before that, we all spent an afternoon in the hair salon making ourselves look good. It's been 4 months since I stepped into one and I think a hair treatment was the best choice for my overly dry perm tresses. It felt really smooth after the treatment and he even blow my curls up so bouncy, I thought I just went through another round of perm. I just wish I can buck up and spend more time one my beloved hair. (rolls over and lazes around)

Sometimes I wonder if I'm nuts for staying up so late to blog even though my eyes are half closed, mind shutting down and the lack of coordination in my fingers are slowing me down. I really need a mani-pedi session to brush up my fingers and give my tired feet a nice warm soak.

Today, I finally decided that it's best to bring my phone down for another round of service. I can't imagine how 'suay' I am with this phone but I realised that the hanging up problem started right at the beginning. But what I can I say, I needed time to confirm and later in the afternoon it's definitely going in. It has hung up several calls way too often to be normal and recently it has been producing funny sounds. Grr... The worst part is when there is only one service centre in the whole island. *Sigh~ Well, I suppose there isn't much choices anyway...

*it's now when the author's eyes have closed and she's dreaming away in LaLa land

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