Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Invention of The Century

This is one great inventory of the century that us ladies will learn to love and cherish for all our lives. It's not men or money or beauty but THIS!

Fabulous don't you think? It helps to hold our bags at the edge of the table when the extra seats are taken or the floor is dirty. The only minus point I can think of is the dangers of water spilling over it when there isn't a table cloth to absorb it. I chose this pig version since I love pigs and it does look kind of cute. ^^ It even comes with a purple suede pouch to hold the hook and I can easily throw that into my bags.

It can be easily found at websites or you can try researching around EBay for cheaper prices.

Moving on, my labor Day holiday was pretty much dull. Since Joe was working half the day and after some boredom, I took a bus down Far East Plaza and got myself some stuff that I've been wanting to get.

:: Loots 4 The Week ::

I bumped into my poly friend along the way and he gave me some free samples to try out. ^^

Some accessories I bought to make my own person bag charm + necklace + brooch. I'm hoping I can make it in such a way that I can wear it in various styles. I spent almost an hour in there and finally came out with these pieces but it's not done yet. *faint* DIY maybe fun but it does come with a price tag too.

Other things that I got was a thin scarf that has a mixture of candy colors. It's really nice to just loop it around the neck and it's a wonder how it can jazz up a simple crop Tee. Black patent rhinestone belt for my new top and I realise it can also be worn as a thin waist belt. The length is really short and even to use it at the hips, I have to use the very last hole. Lastly, a white spag strap for any translucent blouses. It has an adjustable strap which I like.

For now, this is all the shopping I need.

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