Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's Time To Shine Once Again

I got a new replacement phone from Starhub yesterday and lucky thing was I only had to wait a mere 15mins for it. I couldn't be happier and for now it has not shown any signs of fault. Except for that one incident when this lady who tried to call me thrice has her conversation cut off in less than 30 secs. Strange that I didn't have that problem with my other phone calls.

Anyway, I'm so loving this phone now and I hope they come up with more cutsy ringtones or wallpapers. So that I can upload and maybe also play a few games on it. I just realised how similar the key pad is with my motorola V3 and it's good when one has played with so many different brands of phones. I can easily adapt to most phones as the difference isn't that much.

Yesterday I took a picture of the new top I wore to some talk at a university. *sigh~ Kind of miss studying life. ^^

My friend commented that the blouse look kind of sweet and I actually made a bit of minor alterations to it. This is free size and its a bit big for me. Luckily it has 2 ribbon behind to make it look more body hugging. Seems like this camera isn't that bad after all. ^^

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