Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lately, I'm not sure if it's just my a/c but why is the new post screen all haywire. The layout seem so wrong and it frustrating trying to type my post properly but I'll still do it. ;p

I met up with my twin for over lunch which went onto tea then dinner, etc. Lunch was a little over the board and the sandwich I ordered was way too much, so I had to pack it and have it for lunch tomorrow. We went shopping for a while and I bought a watch (finally!) for just $5 and it's one of those bracelet watches that I love. Since it's cheap I suppose I won't feel the pain. (hehehe) Then we past by a manicure shop with some cutsy nail art displayed and in we popped for some nice nails. I chose a copper shimmery gold and did a graduation color with rainbow glitter. It's not that clear in the pictures though.

After dinner, I went up to the customized name shop and found what I wanted. A "diamond" hp strap, which I somehow regretted a little by not choosing the wrist strap instead. But it's okay, I will get that maybe a few months later. I've been eying it online but I wanted to hunt around to see if prices would be cheaper and BINGO. It's really bling but as usual it's not showing up in the pictures. Somehow I really hate nokia for producing sub-standard phones that deteriorates after months of using it.

I will also be going back for more to do my very own TPF bag charm aka ThePurseForum. Just a forum I'm crazy over and I just came up with the idea of making my own charm. I bought all the accessories but now I'm feeling kind of sluggish. Lazy me, yeah! Maybe tomorrow I'll get down to doing it.

Mood: Unexplainable exhausion

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