Sunday, May 06, 2007

Life Is Filled With Tough Choices

Ever wondered how anyone can reject a trip to France? The least expectable person to do that will be me but I've surprised myself with the decision to do so. Strange but true. Usually I'll try to find ways to work around it but I suppose there are certain sacrifices one will need to make in order to get most of the rest done.

Traveling alone for a good 17 hours was initially not part of my "itinerary" but hey (!), I got no problems with flying long hours. The hefty price tag I need to pay for a single transit flight was like $750 and considering the next possible destination is Taiwan, I can make myself a really really really happy woman with that cash. In Paris, I probably need $7500 to be as happy. (just exaggerating a little ...) Oh! Of course the most important factor is the next trip that Joe has to Taiwan, which seems rather attractive and not to mention the people that are way friendlier too. I had sleepless nights thinking of all the pros and cons if I went to France. Even though it has always been a place I long to visit but if the timing ain't right, I suppose I won't be happy going too. I am an adult, so sensible decisions should be made, right? Maybe from now till the next trip, I'll start saving up.

Another method I used to decide was by feeling... Somehow the thought of endless array of dresses, blouses, shoes and beauty products make me far more excited. Not that I don't like France, I love culture, art, munching on pastry with the finest tea in the afternoon but the timing now is just so wrong that I really have no choice but to sacrifice it. Walking around unfamiliar grounds with snobbishness in the air just turns me off, especially so when Joe won't be around to help me out 50% of the time. Korea felt different, maybe it's the Asians around or the ease of navigation but they are (I believe) way friendlier than the French. Maybe it's the culture but somehow the majority who went there did not have that good an impression. So the next time if I shall go, I better be prepared and equip myself with the knowledge of getting around there.

:: Loots Over The Weekend ::

I got the Hana Yori Dango 2 dvd and place my part 1 next to it for a family photo. We also went to a really nice shop at Adelphi to test out some earphones and Joe got a pair of Crossroads that came with a nice red pouch. The uncle was a very jovial man who had the most number of earphones that one can possibly try out and he told us that they sometimes had parties at the shop on Friday nights. He also threw in some freebies like a CD/DVD cleaner, earphone holder and a free earphone for me. ;p Although I know it's a encouragement for me to get something but for now I have to hold back on that cos earphones are not a priority. However, anyone who like to get a pair of ear phones can go to him for some superb service. Price are generally negotiable too.

:: Recommendation 4 The Week ::

Specialty: Audio Earphones, Amplifiers, etc.
Jaben Network
The Adelphi #04-16
(T) 6337 0809

We went down to Marina Sq to collect the Newbie membership card and got 2 Tees as well. The gold on the Tee is glittery and the cute graphic is just irresistible. Next to it is a bath sponge that looks like an apple and the leaf actually feel furry. Cute!

My other purpose is to use my near to expiry Pazzion Vouchers given to me at a Xmas Xchange. $40 0ff this $79 heel. I know some may argue that Mondo may have something similar at less than $40 but to be honest, it doesn't even beat my Mondo red patent leather peep toes. Although it's cheap but a shoe with poor cutting just doesn't stand out even though it still looks okay. It is a Patent Leather Wedge and the red just looks so sexy that even though I was hoping to get a black shoe, it just doesn't do justice to the shoe. The cut is lovely and the padding gave it great comfort. I realize the lower sole is emboss with butterflies and totally non-slip, which makes walking a breeze. Love Love Love it! Good shoes to me completes any look. It gives us better posture and more poise to no matter what we wear. No one looks nice slouching in dresses.

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