Sunday, May 27, 2007

Presents Make A Person (SO) Happy

Joe return with goodies from Amsterdam...Oooowwwww~

I got a pink Tee and a limited edition Hard Rock Bear from Amsterdam. Another bear to my collection and I found it so amusing when I saw how small a size medium Tee looked like. He asked the SA if it was for girls and indeed it was written on the tag. This is information for all to know - girl in their context means kids. Luckily I could still squeeze into that tee and I started wondering if I'm really that petite.

On top of that, he got me some lovely dark chocolates but sadly, I can't eat them. Currently, I'm still nursing my horrible gastritis and it's so tough when one is surrounded by good food in all possible directions. *sad~

Then he also got a new black color bottle of Vodka. Nothing fancy but I guess a person collecting it will love it. *shrug~ These 2 days, my hp shield came along and somehow I regret getting it. The phone just looks way better without it and I'm so bad with sticking it on. Not to mention, the sticker covers up the lovely stainless steel look. Another item that arrived was a black top I got from Taiwan and I saw a girl wearing the same design but in a dress. Somehow I wonder if she pulled the top to make it into some mini dress. *puzzled~

This top is probably one of the most satisfying purchase for a long time. It was well made, even though it felt a little thick for the warm weather but the size was puuuurfect for my little frame. It's just adorable with the bubbly design at the bottom and the price was just too cheap to give it a miss. I'm one happy girl right now. ^^

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