Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shine! Baby, Shine.

One minute I was going 'GaGa' over the phone on my computer screen, the next morning it was there in my hands. A lady should never wait for something they love.

It was just plain gorgeous and for the longest time ever, I had not felt such a slim yet solid phone in my hands. The phone is made if steel, not plastic that looks like steel. The feeling is just so different and the spring felt really good when I slide it up and down. Buttons wise are easy to reach and they have so many different tones I can assign to various functions. Although the camera is a mere 2mp but with it's Schnelder lens, even my nephew's 3.2mp had to step aside.

The navigation of the phone is totally like my Nokia 7390 and I didn't have any problems adjusting to it. The scroll button is easy to use and I can avoid scrolling so often by using the keypad to go into the various menus. I know how people always say that when it's new, we all love to rave about it. Okay, now let me find some fault with it.

I hate the camera sound, I never even want to hear the "click" sound. I prefer not to let everyone around me know that I'm snipping pictures just beside them. Secondly, the phone easily attracts sweat and oil from our hands. So protectors on the screen and back is very much needed (in my opinion). The one biggest fault I will shout out loud is the freeking screen protectors they gave along with the phone. Initially, I thought the feel was good but when I stuck it on my phone, it gave way in less than 5 mins. The adhesive was just zero - no stickiness at ALL!! It just kept peeling off each time the hands or fingers moved with it (friction) and I had to resort to cutting up and connecting the LCD protector for my brother's PDA onto the back of my phone. Sadly, the phone is so new that they don't have a single piece of properly cut screen protector for this phone. For once, that's quite a sucky feeling in having a new phone. ;p

Another amusing story about having this phone is when the mobile shop sales person has never seen the phone before. I'm amazed as this phone has already been launched and a 2.5G version was also launched before that. How can one who works at a mobile shop not know it's existence. I even met one lady in the shop who tried to use her "super ah lian fingernails" to pry the phone up (from the front!) cos she thought it was a flip phone. If it does flip up with a gentle push, it ain't gonna flip with the brittle fingernail of hers. I almost wanted to die on the spot seeing someone doing that to my super new phone. I had to stop her immediately and remind her that it's a sliding phone, which she exclaimed in shock later on and then went about "wowing" over it. Of course, I proceeded to do what best for both of us - grab the phone back and run as far as I could from the shop. *faint* As of now, I shall torture myself with that freeking lousy protector and wait for a fabulous one to arrive from US. Thanks Ebay, for making my life longer (by not prying my phone open).

You can see the difference in clarity between the 2 phones but I'm wondering if my hands were shakey (but it always were and a perfect test for the camera) or something about the Ericsson phone that made the pictures came out blur (twice). My hands are quite shaky and they were the same when I used my phone for the Ericsson shot as well. So far that's a criteria I look out for when I get a phone.
Then I finally have a phone that enables me to use the front camera for vain shots and it turned out quite good for a VGA camera. I also took a picture of the freeking screen protector and it wasn't caused by air bubbles. The lifted sides are actually caused by me slipping the phone into the HP pouch. *smacks the head*

With all that in mind, I still love the phone cause it looks good, easy to navigate, crisp ringtone, shake proof camera (;p) and it's slim. Purfect for ladies but one uncle next to me actually got the same phone too. ^^

Mood: Can't be happier!

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