Friday, May 18, 2007

The Shine Dies or Lives?!

It's been fun using the new LG Shine phone but it seems like there's a problem with it in just 24hours.

The phone decided to diligently restart itself once and sometimes even twice in a day. The lucky thing is my phone is locked and when I randomly picks it up to check for any calls or smses, the pin input window pops up instead. Luckily, Starhub has a 8 day exchange programme but I'm hoping they'll switch a new one for me INSTANTLY. I hate going back to the shop again just to collect the phone and especially when I've set everything so nicely, now I have to reset it and do it again on the new phone. Well, better to have a proper working phone right? Besides that fault which has to be blamed on the manufacturing process but other than that, I really kind of love this phone.

My skin protector is also on the way and it'll take another week for it to arrive from "The Land of Technology", Utah USA. That is also where I got my laptop shield from and it's protected it well. I'm hoping it'll do the same for my phone and I'm crossing my fingers that it'll arrive before the holidays. It is laser cut to precision and I need not do any tedious alterations just to make it fit. The price is quite high but it comes with full protection of the (90%) phone. I'm hoping to be able to hold onto this phone for at least a year. Otherwise Joe is going to "K" me for changing phone so often. *lol

Oh well... I suppose I'll get prepared to leave for the customer service centre. Wish me luck!

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