Saturday, May 12, 2007


I was having dinner at this new place called Sho-U at The Central. I did not even notice it when I was standing next to it as it looked like it was still under renovation from the outside. But it was a different world inside.

The place look really chic with just the right music to build the ambiance. Service was great and she was patient enough to explain the Mocktails, which I ended up ordering Ice Lemon Tea instead. *LOL!* Anyway, my gfs ordered the mocktails and it tastes pretty good. The glasses used were unique and fun.

Drinks menu was served first and I was told it was like a step by step procedure dining there. So it's not for the impatient souls who wish their main course came before everything else. They had quite a selection of alcohol catered for the large number of Japanese staying around the area and the chic environment would be very much in their favor. (and mine as well ^^) Prices are slightly above average and somewhat it all felt like a fine dining restaurant with a more relaxed appeal to it. You don't to worry about being turned away, diners staring at your slippers or service staff showing their nose trail rather than eye contacts.

The blinds were down when I reached there at about 6.30 in the evening as the sun was setting. The wide glass gave a nice view of the area and the clean white finishing just made it even lovelier. The lightings were soft with hand crafted floral art hanging against the walls. Very Japanese I must say... They have an area for the dark side lovers with glossy black floors, walls and furnishings, and for the ladies, they may also have their private events in sexy red rooms or a cosy white private area. The designer must have given lots of thoughts into making the restaurant special. I'm the sort who loves soft lighting with dark environments and we were seated at the "super" white area. For a moment, I felt like Dracula who wished I was hidden in a closet.

An hour later, the sun started setting and our starter came along. Fresh Shashimi with apple sauce served on ice. The dreamy smoke from the dry ice just makes it look even better. Every ingredient used in it just complimented each other so well that I was halfway up heaven when I bite into that sweet, fresh salmon. Amazing, I must add. It's one of the best salmon I had for a long time. At this point, we pondered if guys would ever love this place and I concluded that majority wouldn't. Unless they're really picky eaters who want quality more than anything else. Well, if you ask me? I reckon that Japanese Food is all about quality and it should be enjoyed at a slow, stead pace that leaves you with ample time to savor the natural flavor of it. Heavenly, don't you think?

Next up, butter mushroom and chawamushi. Lovely presentation and the buttery sauce softly boiling away was just too sinful for me. While I thought chocolate was a sin, that was beyond infinity. Somehow I didn't really like the sweetness of it. Far too sweet for me but the taste was fantastic. As for the Chawamushi, it came in 3 different choices - Yam, Carrot and Mushroom. All of them tasted good but being a fan of mushroom, that takes my vote. The Yam was pretty good but I'm dislike yam and the carrot was unusually smooth, except it was cold.

Following that is beef steak served on wasabi veg. The beef was medium rare and cooked pretty well. I love the char-grilled taste in it and although it's not the best I had but it's definitely one of the better ones around. I would however prefer the veg without wasabi though.

Lastly, we had the maki(s). The one at the bottom was wrapped with what looked like rice paper and inside was salmon, tuna, cucumber and mango. It was placed on mayonnaise and the blend of ingredients were well thought of. I'm usually not a fan of sushi but it still tasted fabulous. ^^ The one on the right, I was told there was peppermint in it but I absolutely tasted none of it. Even though it looked simple but the taste was divine. Thumbs up for that but I hated the smoked Roe...too salty.

Overall conclusion: This place is excellent for dates and private events. Price is slightly high but even with the small portions of food served, the sushi did fill us up in the end. Take your time to savor the freshness of the ingredients and rushing is not recommended here.

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