Monday, May 28, 2007

Sunday's Are My Blissful Days

Despite the early workout from my household chores, Sundays have always been a day I can relax and stay home for nice, cosy dinners. It's like some miracle therapeutic cure to a week of stress.

I finally uploaded some of the pictures in my phone and took a few new ones while having desserts and ice cool drinks at TCC. Joe and I had the Dark Devotion while my brother and his gf had the Choc Fudge Cake. The minute the waiter laid the plate of Choc Fudge Cake down, I coul instantly smell the aroma of lovely dark chocolate. Even after awhile, the aroma was lingering around and I just had to take a bit of it. Yum!

I actually took pictures of 2 other drinks but being the 'blur' me, I deleted it before I could upload into my computer. *duh~

Ok, next up was the dark devotion. A similar version to the warm chocolate cake but slightly prettier in terms of looks. The cake was soft with irresistible chocolate that literally ooze it's way out the minute my fork went down. When eaten, allow the chocolate to flow down your throat. Trust me, it felt like heaven and the vanilla ice cream was very good as well. It's not your regular marigold. The piece on top left me puzzled as to what it was but it taste nice. Even though it was quite good, I still loved the one at Bakerzin and I just can't give a reason for that. Price wise, TCC wins.

The drinks look yummy and innovative with cornflakes, Oreo cookies, etc. I had a banana blend because I'm on a strict no dairy diet and I'm not sure how to explain the indulgence of cake. There is some kind of dairy in it, right? *Nahh~ (that's call self deceit!!) Did anyone tell you that happiness if the best cure for any sickness. ^^ No? Well, THERE! You heard it from me. *Evil laughter~

I've also included a picture of the blouse I received over the weekend and the free NEC phone I collected from Starhub. My tummy is yearning for food now and somehow my hand has naturally touched the publish button. *ding~

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