Saturday, June 09, 2007

1 More Product Up For Review

No matter how many purchases I've made online, there has never been one that presents their items so well wrapped. So I decided to present it with my very own, "Best Presentation For Online Purchase".

**Drum Rolls**

...and the winner goes to (pause - chiang!)

This is my first purchase with them and a practical one..;p After finishing my cleanser, I decided to try out Dermalogica and I realised how much cheaper they are online. The best part is, they provide free shipping. -.-_v A lot of girls online have purchased from them and verified the authenticity of their products. So I just went straight into it when I knew it's time to switch brands.

What was purchased?
My purchase is the Ultrcalming Cleanser in a 250ml bottle. It's the smaller standard size not including the travel pack of cos, as those are even smaller. If it suits me well, I will consider getting a bigger bottle in the future. In addition, 250ml can last me for quite a while as we all know that the amount used is like less than a 20cent coin size. I shall have my first trial tonight and report back later.

How worth it is it?
According to the price I saw on a forum, the retail price for this cleanser is $60.80 but I'm thinking that it may cost a little more than that. As I was told of the price for another dermalogica product and it was a little higher than what's stated there. Just for your information, I got this cleanser for $49.50 and was given a free lip gloss. Recently when I checked back, it was $50.

Does it look authentic?
It came with the right looking box, small pamphlet inside and the color of the cleanser looked the same as those I saw in the shop. It even has a seal on the side of the bottle to ensure freshness. (looks left, right, center) It looks pretty much real to me and I don't smell anything weird in it. So I will say, yes it's authentic!

How is the service?
I didn't make any queries, so I'm not sure how is their response time. However, my order was processed rather quick and it was shipped out the next working day. You'll be able to track it with the number provided for you to check on the website. I counted the number of days and it was very much punctual. ^^ Thumbs up for that!

Bonus round...
Although not big in size, the cleanser was so well protected that it left a deep impression on me. There was a piece of Styrofoam on the top and base of the box, in between was filled with Styrofoam balls. The box was tied up with a lovely lavender ribbon and it looked more like a present. Inside, the cleanser was also wrapped in silver paper. Although unnecessary but they made an effort to present it so well that it deserves a round of applause.

Loyalty bonus?
You get discounts with each purchase you make. I will get a 1% discount on my 2nd purchase and it accumulates as it goes on. Little you may say but they already saved you so much as compared to the retail prices here. *wink~

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