Friday, June 29, 2007

For Somethings I Just Don't Have The Patience

I'm patient with the kids, parents but not the ... ... caterer. ;p

For those who have received my invites, you'll know how busy I am planning the upcoming day. Still young (-.-), not getting married yet! Just a birthday but it doesn't help when I've been more busy lately and the only time I have is the few hours in the morning and the in between bus rides I have. Ah well, you know how girls can multi-task. I've put in my order for a fabulous caterer but I'm still awaiting their call for confirmation. It's nerve wreaking and you're wondering why.

Firstly, I've set it on a super duper hot date (070707 - i suppose you can jumble that up and buy 4D) and even though I called them yesterday to ask if they're full on that day, I was told that I may still be able to get a slot. Somehow the 'perfectionist' (ME) just wouldn't settle for such an answer. It's important I get some good food for my guest and I make sure it's from a caterer I trust or possibly be able to screw them if anything goes wrong. ;p The ringing of my phone always makes me edgy and I'll grab it at the mere second thinking they may hang up or stop ringing. (?!?!) I'm nuts, maybe. *lol* I even think that they may give up my order for bigger profits that they can earn if some other customer comes along even though I have submitted it first. *Grrrr...* It's going to be hard to find another caterer who can provide reasonably good food at such a day but I suppose things will work out (somehow).

Anyway, just to keep up with my *ahem*! I just received one spree dated like 2-3 months ago. *roll eyes* It's not the fault of the organiser but the seller kind of drags and drags till there's no tomorrow.

I bought the one on the right and the rest belongs to San. The white one went out of stock which I later saw on another website in a clearer picture. It's a fortunate thing she didn't get that one. It looks not as good as pictured. The other one on the left actually looked rather nice and good thing that both our bags looked like the picture. Cos some time back I saw mine at bugis but somehow it looks kinda poorly made or worn. We got quite a discount through the spree organised and i'm still waiting for other stuff to arrive.. You can't imagine how many sprees I've taken part in but if you figure it out, it's just becos of the waiting time. So if every month I take part in 1-2 sprees, can u imagine after 4 months, I'm still waiting for all the items to arrive. Well, they are cheap so I try not to complain so much.

Okay, next up will send hello kitty fans jumping. (evil grin) I decided to go to 2 Hello Kitty Stores I know of and went on a Kitty spree.

First up...

We have a screen protector sticker, key cover and a tissue holder. I was intending to get the above 2 but the tissue holder was pretty cheap, so I decided to grab that as well. Little did I know that it even came with Kitty printed tissues that I wonder if I would use them. The screen protector is for my upcoming ds lite that I'm intending to get for my birthday (courtesy of Joe ^^ - *muacks! BESTEST*)

I fitted one of my keys in but I realised that the key wasn't stretch out enough and the led was hindering it from going in properly. The head of the kitty when pressed will light up with a white led but not I'm starting to wonder if I should get it removed. *sigh~ But it's cute anyway and I'm hoping to get the black one for the other key. ^^

Next up is my hp screen protector and I so love it. It is one of those privacy protectors that when people sitting next to you on the bus or train won't be able to peep in. You'll be surprised the next time when you noticed how many actually peep into other people's smses cos it's so bored on the train. Mine turn white with the kitty decor when viewed from the side. The only downside is the difficulty of reading under direct sunlight but you can still see a little when you angle it.

As I packed my dressing table a few days ago, I got a really cheap new shelf that helped me to keep all my bottles neatly. When I'm free, I'll get some cloth and make a little curtain on it to cover things up. It'll make it even neater and hopefully I won't need to see too much of the green on the shelf. (I hate green) Still, no complaints for something that cost just $1.90 while I saw it at NTUC for $4.50.

So with nicer and neater dressing table, that calls for a ... ... *drum roll*

Cute right!!! LOL! Joe is so going to kill me... but but *puppy eyes* The white button in front will light up the table lamp and it runs on AA batteries. This is perfect on late nights when I need to apply my skincare in total darkness. So Kitty is here to save me from accidental slapping on of perfume instead of my SKII. Her heads nods whenever the switch is pressed like the Japanese fetish for cute maids who call you sir or something like that. I didn't buy it for that "fetish" but I love the lamp shade and the cute dress.


This is my favourite purchase and it was cheaper than the price stated online at the hk websites. Not to mention, the sellers don't ship here. I searched high and low for one who finally has it and I just love it sooooo much. The most adorable calculator I've seen so far. The buttons are big enough, so I don't accidentally pressed into another numbers with my current nails. The heart shape and sweet pink is simply irresistible for most girls.

Ok, I shall stop my entry for today and I'll be back with more!! ^^

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