Sunday, June 17, 2007

I wish... I wish...

I wish I had my ultimate favourite Sharp 903SH mobile phone. It's just an amazing and pretty phone that I've been wishing all my life (well, partially..) to own one. Sometimes I really feel so blessed especially when an angel decides to drop by with this special gift. I suppose I can treat it as one of my bday pressies. ^^ ( A very early present, indeed)

I did take a good picture of it, so please bare with crappy picture till I collect it tomorrow morning. It's from Japan and I had no choice but to get it unlocked to our network. I'm missing it so much right now but I just have to sleep out these few hours and tomorrow I'll be on my way to collect my baby again. ^^

My first half of the day was spent working and after that I met up with San (even though it was raining) to go to the temple for a praying session. *religious indeed - nods away* It's been a long time since I last went, so it'll be a good idea to go. I managed to convince her to ask for some guidance as she has a interview coming up aka "求签". Unfortunately it was bad and somehow the advice given left me puzzled and her worried the whole day. No matter what, it's still advice that we should seek and learn.

After that we went for some window shopping that turned into some *ah hem* real shopping but we didn't really spend much though. I saw a cute little octopus toy that I simply cannot resist. ;p More animals to my soft toy family. It can sit and stand... so adorable!!

(it looked a bit like a spider at this point)

I also got a pouch that I saw last month and it was still there. So I went up to choose a color then proceeded to ask the guy there.

Me: "Do you have a new one?"
Guy: "Haveeeeee."
Me: "Then do you have discount?"
Guy: "If you want, haveeeeee." (lol)

(And) I wonder why the girl who served me the last time never give me any even though I asked. Sheesh! It's pearl (hmm..), white or champagne gold. Sorry, I just can't make out what color it is but at the shop it looked like champagne gold due to the poor lighting. Back home it's slighty darker but I still love the pearl look of it. Jus tthe right size and color I love.

Then my shoes gave my feet problems and I knew that cheap pumps I got really gives my feet the ache each time I wore it. Why do I still wear it? Well, it's raining the whole day today and I'm not about to wear my favourite shoes out but neither could I match anything with that pair of crocs. *sigh~ So I went to look for the slippers I fancied the other day and while I was about to buy it, San suggested that I went to look at the other boutique if I prefer the other color.


Saved by those words, we stumbled upon a newly open Charles and Keith in Parco. If you're wondering where it is, it's near Kipling next to the wash room on level 1. Formerly it was Americaya (I think..) and now it's some posh looking Charles and Keith. I was quite amazed by the decor and it looked so much nicer than their other outlets.

I managed to find a slipper that's quite comfy and had a metallic color. The color also allowed me to match my clothes with it easily and still doesn't look like I'm planning to go to the beach or wet market.
To add to that, it was $10 cheaper than the other one I saw at URS and the good grip below was just the best thing a girl can ever ask for on a rainy day..

What can I do? Grab it of cos! I changed into that slipper while San was busy trying out some blouses. Comfy walk back home for me. (Very satisfied purchase)

My last purchase for the night is the paper shredder I saw weeks ago at Carrefour. I considered getting it from other places but I remembered how cheap this one was. They forgot to price this particular model and I had forgotten exactly which was the one I saw. So I went to look for a guy who helped me scanned it. Then when he came back to tell me the price, I almost flipped.

Guy: (heavy & muffled indian accent) "Twen-Ni Dollar"
Me: (in actual fact, it sounded like) "Oh, Forty Nine?"
Guy: (trying hard to be clearer) "Twen-Ti Nine."
Me: (eyes wide open) "Twenty Nine?! Two NINE?!"
Guy: (throbs his head in agreement) "Ah yesh"
Me : "Thank You!" (turns around and grab the last box on the shelf)

It's so darn cheap! LOL! At the end of it all, we shared a Rootbeer Float at Haagan Dazs before heading home. I'm so exhausted now and I always seem to be blogging while my battery is running low. zzz

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