Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nail Art Pictures 2

My manicurist finally had the time to upload the pictures. It just looks better taken with a digicam.

If only I could be fairer... my hands look so dark. *boo hoo~

This is a close up of the art. Everything here is magnified and in real they are quite small. My manicurist said she almost went blind by the time she was done with it. No, please don't. You have to do my nails in the future too!!!! Just love looking at it but unfortunately I have to remove it in another 2 weeks. Well... at least it last longer than any of the other nail art I have done so far. ;p

I must admit that I can't stop looking at the crystals. They are just so shiny and pretty. I want to stick my phone with all of them!! Sadly, I think that thought doesn't go too well with a LG Shine Series phone. If my uncle gives me his Sharp mobile phone, I would really love to "bling" it up. ;p The look of it is so tempting but the process really turns me off. *Ponders~ Maybe I'll start off with my Bose Speakers first.

It 12midnight and I'm feeling the strain on my eyes. *sigh~ I better not stare at the computer too much. A part of me wants to go hit the sack but another part of me loves the quietness at night.


fawn02man said...

Which part of Bugis Village is this at? Looks lovely! =)

Lin said...

It's along the escalator row of shops but in one of the small alley on the right. It is advisable to book appt cos she's always full. You can call or sms her at 96714115. She may reply quite slow cos she's rather busy. So have to be a little patient.