Sunday, June 03, 2007

Nails To Die For

Finally I've went for my unbelievable Jap Nail Art! Now, why do I say unbelievable? Cos even I myself cannot believe how well the manicurist have done to satisfy my expectations so well.

It's not just gorgeous but the "stare" factor when I'm out is just overwhelming. Except for the fact that my mum hates it but I can't care less about that. *heeheehee~ I spent a "butt-painful" 4 hours in the shop and I can't imagine how exhausting it was to sit in the super cramped up shop with only a small fan on the floor to keep myself going. Initially, I even felt a little giddy from the heat and the space constraint but the fan cooled me down in a while. Although I really admire her skills but with the long hours that customers have to go through, I suggest she does it at the other shop. She has another slightly bigger shop just upstairs but she said that the air-con can sometimes be really bad and I may feel even worse up there. Honestly, I would love to just grab her fan and move upstairs (still). If you may have guessed, the location isn't hard to know. Where else do we have to cramp up in corners to do our nails but at Bugis Village. *faint~ For the fact that she's really good, I just bared with it.

She is firstly hard to contact if you want immediate response but you'll be lucky if she respond on that day. I heard she's really busy and I have no doubt about her packed schedule for nail art. Mind you that most people who go to her are doing similar nail art or even more complicated designs that takes hours to complete. I managed to get an appointment the next day cos I was just too anxious to try her out and for the fact that her first customer canceled an appointment too.

Step 1: Filling and Choosing Of Designs (30mins)
The first half an hour was spent looking through designs and filing of nails to prepare it for an overlay of acrylic. I've never tried acrylic nails my whole life and I've heard of the horror stories about it. She ensured me that it's going to be as bad it gets if I tried to peel the nail off or the person who do the soaking off is unprofessional. I saw that she had super long acrylic nails as well, so I decided to give it a try.

Step 2: Overlays (30mins)
Since my nails grow relatively fast, I decided to go for overlays instead but somewhat I would have preferred to have longer nails for the nail art. She then carefully started to apply the acrylic one by one and by the end of it, I thought they looked pretty much like my own nails. Except when I see it horizontally, the nail at the tip looked significantly thicker. Reason being, my nails grow in a slanted position and it would have been hard for her to carry out the nail art on uneven surfaces. So she had to thicken up the curled up corners of the nail.

The overlays were done in another 30mins.

I was told to come back for infill in another 3 weeks, no longer than that. I never really asked why but I suppose if I don't fill it up for too long, it may snap because of the bulk and that ain't pleasant.

For those who never tried acrylic nails, I think it's worth a try. It does make the nails look so much better but bare in mind that you should seek professional help in removing them.

Step 3: Start Of Nail Art Designing (2-3 hours)
I chose a elegant design as I'm not in a wild mood and neither do I want to scare my mum the first time I do such complicated designs. It's better to go step by step to lessen her scare factor. *lol~

The design I chose actually had diamond strands similar to those we see on earrings and trinkets at the end of the nail. She has such a wide variety of nail accessories that it's hard that you have to substitute it for other stuff. I decided to substitute 2 of the nail art for another similar design but without the jingles. I know it's nice but I won't be able to tolerate it pulling my hair if I run my fingers through or the possibility of hooking a tread off my top. Besides the designs are complicated enough, so there really is no need to have that much inconvenience.

She polished my nails with the exact same color as the picture but used transparent glitter to "bling" things up. (I so love that) I also considered that design because my nails are constantly growing every week that the new growth may look ugly with the nail art. With a transparent color, it won't be that obvious.

First to go up is the acrylic designs that left me going "wow!" when she slowly took out all the various colors of powder. How well equipped can she be?!?! Her work was impressive and all the details were made out with her expensive looking nail art brush that came with a nice cylinder for storage.

After that, the mini pearls were set in with some form of glue and I kind of love the look of pearls. It always makes the nails so elegant. She used 2 different size pearls for the little corners. By then, my nail was starting to have lesser space for the remaining accessories but she told me that she'll try her best. As I decided to use the current length, it did post as a space constraint. If you like to know how long one should have their nails for such nail art, try flipping though the nail magazines in Kinokuniya.

Following the pearls were really tiny gold studs that were also sticked on with the same glue. Originally it was silver in the picture but I felt gold will make it look even better. In addition, I love gold more than silver.

Lastly, she started pulling out boxes and boxes of crystals that I could help but ogle at with great desire to have all of them. I always loved those crystals and the ones she uses are good quality ones that I once wanted to buy for my mobile. Damn! They looked so good. She had every possible color and size! Maybe I'll consider making my whole macbook filled with crystals?! *nutz~ (but possible when I'm insane)

Anyway, she just kept sticking stuff on my nails till it's so filled to the brim that I just couldn't believe it. The finishing product has passed my expectations and her skill is fantastic. She'll finish it with a top coat that as told was good enough to last for 3 weeks. Even though I was told that the glue will secure everything really well, I still get worried whenever I hit my nails against something but it seem fine.

(better pictures will be posted up once she edits it)


I'll give her all thumbs, fingers and toes up for her fabulous skill and well equipped shop but I really hope she improves on the space constraint. I believe it's better that she move back upstairs, together with the fan. ;p

By the way, she's really reasonable in pricing and charges the same price per nail as the other shops there who do the "so call" same service. I say "so call" because I believe many people just don't have as much accessories and most importantly dedication to her work.

I will be going back in another 3 weeks for infills and removal of the nail art. I think I'll just paint it with nail color and wait for another month before I venture into something else. Nail art isn't cheap so it should just be an occasional indulgence. ^^

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