Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Section?

I'm wondering if I should setup a new section by the side of my blog for a collection of the nail art I have done so far. It should be quite interesting digging up all the past pictures and post of them.

Why the sudden thought? Well, I just went for another round with Clara and although I had to spend 1.5hours wondering 3 rounds at Bugis, she still accommodated my last minute thought of nail art. I decided to go for something simpler so that it'll be lighter on my wallet too.

I couldn't get a very good picture even though the camera for this phone is pretty good at times. Somehow I just haven't got the hang of it but I'll try to get pictures from Clara, which are clearer for all to drool over. I like that it's simple but still pretty much what I prefer, BLING! ^^

Okay I'm going to end this entry short. I do have quite some new stuff to update from my "Retail Therapy" and quite some pictures of it that I have yet to edit. So tired right now... ... The weather is really killing me.

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