Friday, June 22, 2007

Search & Search

It's been so hectic lately that I didn't really sleep too well for nights. I'm always flipping left right in the midst of my sleep and wake up with puffy eyes the next morning. On my way to lunch is like a dreadful tedious journey. My head was heavy last night as I took my shower that I thought I could just sleep there and then. *lol!* I suppose I could have pressured myself a little as well. "Kan Chiong Spider"

Still I flipped through what used to be of such enjoyment and awakening power ('s still enjoyable) that now became tiring for me - Taiwan Online Shops. San needs a dress to wear for a wedding in July and the niao instincts in her has turned into a tedious search for me. Most of the dresses are rather sweet or adorable and being the conservative her, she cannot imagine herself wearing it. After 2 nights of looking, we ended up with a few favourites but the sizes were all my size. That's like a XS or S and she wears a L. *faints* You can't imagine the agony I felt this morning trying to pry my eyes open for that. In the end, I randomly clicked on a few and one popped up. It's a chiffon material dress with pokka dots all over but it didn't look too cute. Somehow it was more elegant than cute.

I chose this color as I think it's quite versatile in matching shoes or bags and it makes it look even more feminine. She has rather fair skin and I would have picked the pink one to illuminate her complexion but it wasn't a color in her favor. Lucky there are sizes for it and if it doesn't fit (which I think it should) then I suppose I can't wear it as well. ;p

So, you may wonder, "How can the shopping addict not get anything for herself?" Not to mention that I'm a returning customers and they squeeze this order in for me even though last night was the final day for sending orders. Imagine waiting another 2 weeks?! No way!

Okay! Back to the question.. well.. u know how stress can drive a person crazy so I got some dresses for myself too. *lol!* Hei! I deserve a little reward for my hard work, late nights and *AH HEM* upcoming birthday. (Hint.. Hint..)

So... ... *drum rolls* Here they are ^^

I love the fact that it looks casual and the floral details at the top and bottom was a major plus point for me.

This dress to me just screams "KOREA!". I think I must have gone nuts buying these. *shakes head* Anyway, I love the color as most of my dresses are either pink, white, black, blue or beige. Hmm.. (ponders) now that I think of it, I do have quite a variety of colors. I love the chest and sleeve for this one and I'm hoping these dresses won't be so translucent. Otherwise I need more petticoats in various lengths.

Last but not least, this is my favourite of them all. It comes in black too but I never had a Grey dress and black seems to warm and formal for day wear. In fact, Grey makes the design on top stands out and the V collar has some sequin details. If you noticed, the dresses I usually pick out are a little loose and kind of relaxing to wear. That's what I like in a dress. ^^

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