Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thoughts For Your Day

Sometime, I don't know whether to feel lucky or suffocated, fortunate or challenged. Have anyone ever felt that people around you just keep putting you down and making you feel bad about your life? I bet at least 99% of you will agree hands up.

We always comfort others that it's your life and you should live it the way you want it to be. No one can put you down except yourself. (yada yada..) But what if the people who does it to you are the people who you showered with love and support. In return, they try to protect you so much that at times you feel suffocated and yet they do not see anything wrong with their intentions.

When does good intentions turn out to be more than one requires? Just like how one says that, "too much of good thing, turns bad". Even when advices were thrown at you, have you ever pondered if the person telling you those things were not much capable of doing it themselves?

A means of self justification and excuse not to listen? I beg to differ. Each time I receive a criticism, I tell myself never to go into defense mode but to justify to myself if what was said could be true. Half the time it may be but many just exaggerate so much to make it look worse. Is there really a need for that? I analyse each situation thrown at me with all details from past, present to the possible future and sometimes even ask myself, "if there really is something wrong with me?" This is when I start feeling down and dejected by the people around me. I always believe that support from people whom I'm close with are of great importance in accomplishing dreams and goals. Even though we can say that all we need is to have faith and believe that we can do it, the road just seems longer and more tedious when others make it look uneven or even add some rocks along the way. What support can one get but only those that we give ourselves.

Are we really just living our life according to our own opinions, actions and feelings? Wouldn't the world be nicer if we opened our minds to the possibilities from others and provide comfort to the (already) rocky road ahead of them. Not to mention that by giving others a little compassion will provide us with a more fulfilling joy in life.

We tell others that we're too busy to think of the minute details in life and if we do, life will be far too stressful. How often do we question the importance of all these little steps in life and makes the road more interesting or even different. Do we go home at the end of the day and notice new spoons at the dinner table or a new perm that your mum may have got? I trust that some will say no and does it even matter. Yes, it does. It shows how much you care for the person who feeds and has spent more attention on you than on herself to make sure you feel blessed.

In life, we may criticise more than we praise the good work of others. Why? One told me that we will not improve without criticism then I asked if we will move on without acknowledgment. Remember the last time you ever complaint of your superior not noticing the work you have done? Let's not even go to the other countless complaints we hear at a workplace or at a table next to you while you're in the restaurant. Yet, why don't they praise others since they felt left out in the first place? It's human instinct to want to take more than they can give and giving in first is like a major step to them. While some may be kind enough to give, only to be deem little by the receiver. I always hear this. Imagine the scenario when you're driving on a highway and while hoping to takeover on the utmost side of the lane, you meet a person who choose to drive at similar speed as the others only to refuse your right of way. (aka road hogger) You may think, "What the Hell is his problem?!" I too once pondered on them and I realised why. They are not born bad but they encounter similar situations while driving one day and the car in front may have refused to budge. So when someone comes along behind him, what does he think? "Well, others don't give way to me. So why should I?"

Revenge is a bitter sweet ending and I'm surprised by how one can act out the same behaviour that they deem inappropriate to begin with.

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