Thursday, July 12, 2007

Birthday Dinner

Venue: Shin Kushiya @ Vivocity
Pax: 2
Price: $$$

San decided to give me a treat at this Jap restaurant called Shin Kushiya, over at Vivocity. Now I understand why I never really go to Vivocity for shopping needs. It's just too big and I get tired trying to navigate my way around. Nevertheless, that place is filled with a variety of restaurant that I'm dying to try.

All geared u for my dinner "date". ^^ I love dresses but somehow people always ask me if I have a dinner function to go to, whenever I wear a dress. Honestly I would be more fancy if it's a wedding dinner or some function. Sometimes it's just nice to get away from the usual tees and jeans. Oh! I'm also wearing one of the lovely glass necklace that my friend gave me over my weekend party. so gorgeous and it suits my blue dress. ^^

The specialty of this place is it's grilled food on skewers, known as Kushiyaki and they are all MSG free. ^^ We even had a table with a view of the harbour. It's not the most fabulous view but it's still better than facing the 4 walls (eh). lol!

What did we order?

I had a Jap Citrus Tea. You know how I am, I always love trying funny stuff... but I asked the waitress if the tea was going to be sour. Just in case I end up with a lime juice (kinda thing). Luckily she mentioned it was sweet and I took it within a sec. Verdict? It's very refreshing and the fragrance of the mandarin orange was just so relaxing, with a hint of bitterness from the skin.

A cold Soba noodle was also added as I knew the rest of the food would not be sufficient enough to feed us well. Anyway, it's strange not to try it since we're in a Jap restaurant. The sauce was nice and the texture of the noodles were superb. I loved that one quite a lot.

2 of the skewered meat on the left is mine. One is black pepper beef and the other is... (below)

They call it Ton Toro on the menu and it's a special cut out portion of the pork neck with mustard sauce that tasted like the non-spicy version of the Wasabi. Initially I didn't like the sauce but chewing it further proved otherwise. The blend in taste was delicious and the fat just melts in the mouth. LOL! I'm not sure if that's a tenderizing description for some but it's a must try for pork lovers.

The black pepper beef was medium done with a tender texture. The taste was really nice and the black pepper didn't overkill that. You could also taste the nice, fragrant charcoal grilled smell in it. It just ain't the same with using gas. I wonder how a whole piece would taste like and I'm quite interested in they Wagyu Beef. ^^

The skewer with the 3 balls was chicken mix with some vege... I'm not too sure what's inside but the taste wasn't too bad either.

We also order Toro Fry, which was actually fried octopus. It's crispy on the outside and super tender on the inside. An advice, eat it while it's hot.

Lastly we finished up with the grilled rice roll. They had some special sauce on it and we order one each of the chicken and eel. It was a bigger version of the ones we usually saw outside and it's impossible to pick it up with our hands.. The sauce was kind of sweet but it had an unusual taste in it that I just couldn't make out what it was. It wasn't too bad but maybe I was looking for something more traditional. Although I must give it up to them for their innovative creation of grilling it. The char part gave it a nice touch. ^^


More Spree Items That Arrived.. (after donkey years)

That was order like months ago but well, what I can I say about Taiwanese sellers. They are a tad slower..

More updates of Birthday gifts and self pampering to come...

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