Friday, July 27, 2007

Fireworks. Fireworks. Where Shall I Watch Thee?

Tomorrow is another round of fireworks display down at the Esplanade and I'm still wondering where to watch it. *Hmmm..* Hopefully can find a venue with nice food and I can enjoy the fantastic view without much effort.

Now I'm just looking for a dinner kaki tonight and it's just so hard. *sigh~ Maybe I'm just yearning for some yummy food to cheer myself up and the fact that I don't finish early today really makes me crave for more. * 真是好不耐烦哦!!

I managed to snap some pictures of the spree that arrived yesterday and some of the clothes are kind of too big (as usual). So I be paying a visit to the auntie behind for another round of alterations.

The Stuffed Up Envelope

Demure White Top

A 2 Piece Lookalike

Blue Chiffon with Belt

Black Stretch Dress

There be some major stuff coming in this weekend and maybe all these will perk my spirits up then. ;p Preserver and loads of patience will yearn me my "rewards". *lol! For now, I just need a dinner kaki.. sobs~

My mind is in a complete blank now (hmmm...), lunch time!

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