Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Love My Week

Shopping has never been more stress relieving than this. It's amazing when I start editing the pictures I took of the items I got this week, an early birthday present and goodies from Japan, courtesy of Joe. Not to mention arrangements for my upcoming party is going smooth with fabulous food and an amazing cake. I'm so excited just thinking about it.

Ok first up. A couple of days ago, I went down Cle De Peau Beaute for their complimentary Treatment Facial that was given when $200 worth of products were bought.

( Trying hard to snap a photo in a space constraint area where the chair took up almost half the room and I'm in their luxurious white robe. ^^ )

The staff there are really friendly, so don't hesitate to approach them if you have queries. I have a 1 year membership with them that entitles me to 3 sessions of massage treatment I can use within a year. On top of that, every purchase of $200 entitles me to 2 treatment massages that includes a whitening or firming mask. If you've been following Her World or Female magazines, you'll be aware of the facilities hidden behind that glass wall and velvety curtains. A luxurious massage chair awaits me. ;p The room though is a little small, due to the space constraint of the booth but the inside it nicely done up. Anyway, when you're in that chair, all you can think of is to doze off. LOL!

I was told to go to the washroom before proceeding for the 1.5hr treatment and I really shouldn't have down that cup of bubble tea before that. *hahahha* After that, I'm ushered into a room where the chair awaits me and there are white cupboards with a robe that they have kindly asked me to change into.

The chair is huge and it reminds me of the red color Osim chair, except theirs is ivory.

A facial was carried out and while doing that, the lady switched on the lower body massage functions. That included the feet, legs and up to the butt. Yeah! It even massages the butt. lol! Amazing but true. It did feel a bit painful at first but most probably due to my lack of massages over the years and the muscle strains that have accumulated so far. I thought she applied so many stuff while massage my vital facial points that I didn't even bother to count anymore. That lasted approx. an hour before she left me with a peel off mask and a full body massage for the next half an hour. Initially I had a little shock when the machine started moving. It could lift me up in mid air just to massage my lower back and for a bony person like me, I never used to like those roller cos it seem to hurt my bones more than the muscles. This one managed to massage every important muscle area and it's just fabulous. Just couldn't get enough of it.


:: Spree Updates ::

After an excruciating wait of 3 months, a bag I ordered arrived. I suppose I've already lost the anticipation to take pictures of it and it's quite a casual bag I using everyday.

Next up is the dress I ordered from HK that took approximately slightly less than 2 weeks with order and delivery added in. Quite fast as compared to the rest. I wanted to paste the picture into this part of the entry but I now know why I love my macbook because the shortcuts are so accessible that I can undo a mistake. I suppose I shall have to update the picture when I'm home.

If you saw my previous postings, I order a orange and white floral dresses. I'm planning to wear the white one in my upcoming party because it just looks so nice but it's like too big for me. The dress is like a medium and luckily my trusty tailor at the wet market can save it for me. I was so relieved when she agreed and it's like $4-5. The other orange dress fit me quite well but the body hugging design is not in my favour at this warm time of the year. ;p

( pix updated )

Hmm.. my hp pouch from Taiwan is also here but I decided to collect it only when my other stuff have arrived. I'm hoping my 'decorating supplies' from Japan will be here by Friday, which it should be since it's coming by EMS. ^^ Stay tune for some nice DIY bling!


Speaking of Japan, Joe got back with some goodies in hand. ^^ Japanese snack, protection charms from Japanese Shrines, Hard Rock accessories and Hello Kitty items.

This is a white chocolate biscuit that I heard is quite yummy. The biscuit is really soft and crispy but I found the chocolate a bit sweet. The title reminded me of some sobbing Jap drama.

Next up is a scallop snack and black sesame snack. The scallops are really very good and you should try them if you ever see it. The black sesame looks like black wanton and it's sweet with a mochi textured skin. YummY! Beside it is a hardrock pig pin (I Heart Pigs) and a Zippo lighter.

Here we see a Sanrio DS Lite Decal Skin and all the rest are protection charms in various shapes, colors and types. Cute eh. ^^ No wonder the Jap girls are crazy over these.


:: Unintentional Shopping ::

I went to get some needed 'inner beauty' and I just happened to pass by the shop selling a cardigan top. It's something I've been looking for and I've seen it before as well. Just that the 50% off tag stopped me there and then. LOL! Hello Kitty is definitely rushing madly through my mind and I went to get a wallet and coin purse. I got another matching pouch for my ds lite, which I later regretted not getting it from this auntie because she gave me a good discount.


:: Early Birthday Pressie ::

This is an early present from Joe, a pink DS Lite with Nintendo Dogs. ^^ Well, I can't resist adorable games. The pink is so sweet and do check back with updates cos I'm going to do a family photo with the rest of the 'DS Lite" family members. *hehehe*

I spent about half an hour sticking the accessories I bought for it, a Hello Kitty decal and screen protector.

I So Love This ^^

... and a pouch for my ds lite. ^^


Nan Tan said...

your ds lite decal very nice. can i know where you bought it?

Lin said...

That was bought in Japan. You can try looking for it at online auctions like Ebay or Yahoo. I'm not sure if it's available in stores.