Friday, July 13, 2007

Just to share some stuff I bought as presents for myself and I also like to thank Cle De Peau Beaute for that lovely bottle of red wine. Although I don't take alcohol but I'm sure someone in my family will love it. ;p

That's one heavy bag cos of the free gift that was given with the $$$ purchase. -.-

I've always loved their products as they work pretty well with my skin. Not to mention, their commercial is one of Joe's favourite. *hehehe* The big red box behind is a tissue holder with 3 additional compartments to store jewellery or cotton pads. It's quite big as you can see from the picture and it has a nice re leather lookalike material with suede inside. Gorgeous!

This year I received a few accessories as presents from my lovely friends. I didn't take a picture of them except for the blue necklace I wore 2 days ago. Then there are the ang bows o_O, thanks for the generous presents. ^^

Lately, there hasn't been much happening besides the crystals falling off my nail art. *sigh~ I think the glue isn't as much as the first one and I keep tugging it against something or banging it somewhere. lol! Majority of it is still attached, so it doesn't look that bad and I'm still receiving compliments even from the auntie at the 7-11 I visited, for my 5min dinner last night. Maybe next round it's time for just a simple coat of paint to give my mind a rest. then I wouldn't have to worry about it falling off or my hair breaking when I clumsily brush the nail art through my hair. -.-"

It's been awhile since I got my NDSL and I now have 3 dogs under my Nintendog game. They are all so cute and different in their own ways. I always squeeze in time for them while I'm riding the bus to my next destination and I suppose they will have to do. Since I can't get a real dog.

Spree Updates:

Theres more sprees to come and I wonder if I get even older waiting for items to arrive. It takes forever and I wonder how many times more do I have to complain that you get sick of hearing it. ;p Anyway, I have 2 items waiting to arrive, so it's like a consolation already and those who joined the spree with me, don't worry they'll come (dozes off)...

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