Thursday, July 26, 2007

Looking Back Into The Past

As I glance through my blog, I decided to click on the very first few posts I made in this blog that date back to March 2004. That was like 3 years ago and time really flies. It was still studies and late nights back then with worries that pile up into an endless line.

Even though it was tough, I'm amazed how I could still come up with such posts. It brought back a smile and loads of memories. Looking back, I really had quite a hard time juggling between work, health and school. Somehow reading about the past bring back some encouragement and it reminds me of the courage to face all the difficulties ahead. The dreams and goals that I always wanted with the fun times I had with people close to me. It's amazing how long we've known each other and the friendship is still going strong.There's always new things to discover and how we've all grown up after all these years.

Maybe another 2-3 years later, I will look back at this post with the same smile as I look back on those. I never knew the past was able to offer me so much comfort and delight. So, who says we shouldn't think about the past? It's a matter of perception and how you view the events that you have gone through, whether fruitful or hard.

Every year, my beliefs and opinions are changing. I learn to accept certain things in life and to forgo those that are no longer needed. Our capacity is just that much, we can't possibly keep it all. Sometimes without sacrifices, there'll not be result. *wink*

:: Spree Updates ::

Oh! I almost forgot, I got a whole load of items coming in this week and the next. Although I just order very little items each time but when they come at the same time, it can get a bit overwhelming. ;p While typing this, the bell went off and (Ooo Huu!!!) a HK spree is here! LOL! *faint*

:: New Section ::

I have looked through 3 years of posts to dig out all my nail art and I realised I never really did a lot of through the years. Time to get serious!!!!

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