Monday, July 09, 2007

NDSL Family Photo Session

It's just another lazy Sunday that I brought all the members of the DS Lite family together for a cosy photo shoot. Well, almost all.. there's still one more missing. They have given each other infinite hours and days of fun that you can't imagine how crazy it can get when all of us settle down for a game together. *faints*

All these started when 4 unsuspecting NDSL lovers went on a tea session after dinner We popped into a game shop to acquire about the NDSL. After an hour or 2, we emerged with 5 NDSL in hand and a couple of games added in. I guessed we should be their biggest customer for that day. ^^

A photo session cannot do without some fun right?! Let's do the Kallang Wave .. but in a standing position. *lol!*

... one by one they stood in position for the camera

... off on an adventure together

... and there's always love at first sight (Ooooww)


Updates on my Birthday Party coming up soon.

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