Friday, July 06, 2007

Second Nail Art Attempt

I did mention that I was going to post up pictures of my recent nail art done by, Clara. She's amazing with it and I just love her for that.

Sadly, my appointment was pushed back that day and I had to wonder around BV. It was ultra bored! Then I realised it was a client before me who was doing nail art and it took some time. Sigh~ Later when it was my turn, I also took up some time when I decided to do (what I thought) simple nail art but she explained that because my previous one was really complicated that I thought this would seem simple. It really was to me..;p Anyway, she nicely delayed the next customer for me and did up a really nice nail art.

I was in a 'Gold' mood and I always wanted to do a big rose on my nails. She added some rhinestones for added 'bling' and it fulfilled my desire for something "simple" yet stunning. Love it! I also asked her to do acrylic lace on alternate fingers but I would have wished it was a little neater or maybe it adds some form of realistic flutter to it. (?)

Close up view

I realised the thumb is not included in the picture, so I took a picture of it but sadly my shakey hand decided to make it blur. >.<


I have finished my 'project', which I mentioned in the post before that. It's lovely and I'm hoping to be able to post up nice pictures. Sadly, they all came out green instead. It's some night vision lens that Joe's hp camera has, that helps take clearer pictures in the dark but when transferred over to my computer, it looks just GREEN. Eek! I thought he said it was going to be clear ... ...

More picture of my project in the next post.

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