Monday, July 30, 2007

A Weekend Filled With Good Food

I haven't felt so satisfied with such good food for such a long time, not to mention a few days in a row. All the "pigging" really perked me up. Here are just 2 of my favourites for this week.

To start the ball rolling...

Juicy steaks accompanied with irresistible pasta salad and creamy mashed potato. I must recommend this place at East Coast Road, Astons. Not only are the food above average but the prices are simply amazing as well.

They specialty is yummy char-grilled steaks and it's so good that whenever it's meal time, be prepared to queue for roughly 15-20 minutes. It may not be the best around but it is definitely the most value for money that you can ever find. It so tempting that I went twice in a weekend and I'm still yearning for it.

I tried the Prime Ribeye and Tenderloin with mash potato and pasta salad. Both of which I had them done medium rare and it can be see with the little pinkish sticks on the steak. They label them with those cute little sticks. It was perfectly grilled with the unbelievable "char" taste and (oh so!) juicy inside. Cutting it was a breeze and every bite was simply heavenly. The Tenderloin was quite small in proportion but if you're looking for something without fats, then it would be highly recommended.

Pasta salad has always been a favourite amongst many dishes and I will go back there, even if it's just for that plate of salad. I think it's better I don't live around that area. Otherwise I'll be stuffing myself with that salad every single day. *drools!*

Mash potato was smooth and creamy with a mild sauce that managed to not overkill the buttery potatoes. Absolutely, delicious!

Desserts ..

While hoping to rest my feet after some window shopping, I chanced upon this bakery that I had noticed for a long time. After one look at the cakes, I decided that it's a must try for me.

I forgot what's the name of the dessert I had but my companion had a strawberry shortcake (right). Mine was described as being similar to eating Pokey and the strawberry shortcake was so good that I had to snatch a few licks of the unbelievable (freshest) cream I ever had. Not only are the cake aesthetically tempting but the taste is just as good as how it looks. Price wise maybe a little steep but still acceptable for that occasional treat.

:: Spree Updates ::

To top up my yummy weekend, I dropped by to pick up 4 of my spree items. Luckily, they were all rather nice and I don't think I will need to alter either of the dresses. In fact, one of them look so nice that I wishes there was more. ;p Except that I notice a few sequins dropped off the dress and I have to go source for some to sew back.

This dress was slightly more expensive than the ones I used to buy but it's still less than $30. Given that price tag, the quality is surprisingly good and the cutting is quite nice as well. Now I just need to fix the sequin along the neckline.

This is a pink chiffon dress and although it's not a perfect fit, I believe it will still look nice. Just need to sew up the chest area as it's pretty low cut and maybe if the sides are a little loose, I can always throw on a belt. ^^

This is from one of my favourite accessory sellers and it looks really nice. Even better than expected and you can see how bling it is when the flash reflected off one of the stones. Nice!

Lastly, a furry bag with gold trimmings. YEAH! Gold, gold and more gold. I never get sick of that color. ^^ I was worried that the bag may not turn out nice as it's not everyday that one carries a fur bag. Luckily, it felt really nice to touch and the color was rather lovely. Except that I won't be matching this with dark denim or chucking it on the floor. *hehehe*

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with these purchases and it shall tie me through another start of a working week. ;p

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